Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday News from Gallery One

Happy Holidays!

Our annual Dean Morrissey Holiday Show (December 5 & 6) was a gala event. On Saturday, Dean hosted a special drawing lesson for 100+ kids who learned to draw monsters (Trundles) from the master of all monster drawers. Adults, as always, were treated to the world's best selection of Morrissey prints and paintings.

Thank you all for your kind comments about our new website. We are still working daily to refine, correct, add and enhance. Janice, our web guru, has done and continues to do a valiant job...and our collectors continue to be extremely patient. They especially love our search abilities...and our on-line ordering system.

As you know, our Kinkade master highlighter made her annual visit on Thanksgiving weekend. She was a real trooper...and worked early and late...and during her breaks to highlight some of our Kinkade those of you who hurry can still take advantage of these beautifully enhanced images.

We have great things in store for our stay tuned. If you are not on our weekly email subscription list, we urge you to sign up now. Advance news of sales and specials, coupons, etc. will be your rewards. And by the way...we never share your addresses!!!

Here is some unpleasant news for cruise ship art buyers. A class action suit has been instituted against a major cruise ship art provider...and against one of the major cruise ship lines. A major part of the problem is that "When an art buyer bids at a high
seas auction, he or she enters uncharted waters: courts have yet to catch up with the explosive new development of art auctions on the high seas, and it is unclear protections, if any, will apply. What is clear is that the cruise ship auctions being held by......vary in several significant ways from an land-based auction, which is subject to the terms of the Uniform Commercial Code and other state and federal laws. (High seas ) Auction goers would be wise to be knowledgeably acquainted with those differences before making a decision whether or not to participate in a high seas auction. Mapmakers of old put warning words on the empty spots of the map, the uncharted waters where mariners were at their own risk. High seas art auction buyers should take the same words to heart: "Here there be dragons."

Editor's Note: Meanwhile, Gallery One continues to hold web and live art up to the standards of the UCC, the National Auctioneers Association, the Certified Auctioneers Institute...and the states of Florida and Ohio...where Gallery One auctioneer Alan Brown, CAI, AARE is licensed. In fact, Alan even conducted an art auction for the FTC and he is proud that in 30 years (or so), Gallery One has not had one complaint relative to auctioning art.

That's all for now!
Norah Lynne

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Whoopee! Our new website debuts!

Dear Friends:

We are so excited. This month marks the launch of the best and most comprehensive art site in the world! A real encyclopedia of today’s world of fine art priced for the contemporary art buyer. Not only is our “shopping cart” ordering system up and running....but we now have fabulous search capabilities which will make shopping for art a breeze. All this, plus an FAQ “learning center” with an easy to use glossary and great information about art and framing. There is also a system for saving your favorites and a way to register for gifts. And more.

Those of you that are used to ordering over the web will enjoy testing out our many features. If you are new to web browsing and buying, we are prepared to help you get real comfortable with our site. Just read the following hints, and if you need additional help, call me at 440.255.1200 or 800.621.1141....or email me directly. I’m

Click on

To do a quick search, use the search box in the upper right of each page. Enter the artist’s name or title that you seek - or “bear” if you’re looking for an image of a bear. Note that ALL the bears may not come up in a quick search. Only the pieces that have the characters b-e-a-r somewhere in the title, artist’s name or descriptions will show.

To see our POLAR bears, use the Subjects link in the left navigation. Start by clicking “Wildlife,” then “Bears,” then “polar bears.”

Another way to search is to click the Search button in the upper right of each page. It will take you to the Search page where you can, for example, ask to see all the Batemans in whatever price range you wish.

Now, we know there will be bugs and omissions. And we are dedicated to fixing them all. But with thousands of works of art....thousands of images...and miles of data, it will take us we ask your patience....and your assistance.

YOU ARE THE EXPERTS IN HOW OUR WEBSITE SHOULD SERVICE YOU...and you are invited to complain, critique, suggest...and compliment us.

Just email us your comments and we will enter you in a weekly drawing for gifts, discounts and gift certificates. Of course, you will always earn our warm appreciation for taking the time to assist us.

Happy searching and happy shopping!

Janice and your friends at Gallery One

P.S. Many images need to be improved. Dannette is working on those NOW. Norah Lynne is tackling and editing text. And Alan, Jen, Larry and Joanne are checking over every price....both for accuracy and for providing you with the very best prices in the industry. (You know, we will match or beat the prices of any authorized dealer!)

P.S. 2 Our website is changing...but some things will NEVER change. Our commitment to the industry’s highest standards of MINT CONDITION works of art and excellence in custom framing prices, design and conservation will always be maintained.

P.S. 3 BTW, don’t let the technology fool you. Behind each keystroke is a real person....a professional Gallery One staff member, personally dedicated to taking good care of you. Our goal is simple. It is the same goal that we had in 1974 when we began:

We want to be your favorite place to shop for art. Forever!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Buying art, collecting art, decorating with art and enjoying art! Where to begin?

Start here!

Look around your home (or office). If the area is already decorated...and if it was decorated by you or subject to your approval, you already know what colors please you...and you know a bit about the style of design that makes you comfortable. If you haven't committed yourself to colors or styles, look through home magazines and cut out pictures of rooms that really appeal to you.

Next, look around your home. Make a mental list of those spaces that cry out for art work. Those quite often include the wall spaces over sofas, mantles, beds, and credenzas. Analyze your lighting. Does harsh afternoon sun bathe the wall over your sofa? If so, make a note of it. Do you wish that your dining room had more windows? Jot that down.

Accumulate art and memorabilia that you already own. You might be able to appropriate and frame or reframe items that have been in your basement for years. (Such items often can be used in a new way to add personality to groupings, for example.)

Visit your budget. Framed works of good quality might run $500 and up. Can you afford to purchase several works of art at once? Or would one item at a time (perhaps paid for on layaway) suit you best?

If you have a quality art gallery in your community, visit often. When you are ready to buy, enlist the assistance of one of their knowledgeable art consultants. It is the job of the consultant to help you purchase what you like and what you can afford. The gallery will want your repeat business, and will strive to keep you happy.

Feel free to look, ask questions and enjoy. Share information about your home and your likes and dislikes. Reputable art dealers and consultants are knowledgeable and love sharing information with you. Check out informative web sites.

(At, we have developed a "learning center" to assist collectors.
Click on

Art pricing seems mysterious to the uninitiated buyer. Works that look similar might bear very different prices. Make certain that you understand why an item is priced the way it is prior to making a commitment to buy.

Finally, don't skimp on the framing. To do so is often like putting Ford tires on your Bentley. Quality art galleries have at least one Certified Picture Framer on staff to supervise the gallery's professional framers. Rely on those pros to make certain your art is framed appropriately.

That's all for now.
Norah Lynne Brown, VP & CPF

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a Difference a Frame Makes!

From fancy gold leaf to colorful textures, frames are now available in an incredible selection. But how do you choose the right one for your picture?

The style and size of the frame should be coordinated with the artwork and any matting or other decorative elements that will be used. The goal is a balanced design that enhances and provides a good presentation for the art, without overwhelming it.

Whether seeking period authenticity or eclectic flair, or anything in between, there is a line of frame mouldings to suit every style.

Some people use narrow, contemporary frames on all of their art, while others enjoy the elegance and drama of wide, ornate mouldings, even on small artwork. The best framing for each piece of art evolves from a combination of personal preference, current fashion and cultural traditions....helped along by advice from a truly knowledgeable professional.

You might have fun visiting us and trying different mouldings on a picture you want to have framed. Notice how different mouldings affect the appearance of the art: some look important, some look formal, others playful. There are many possibilities and looking is fun!

Of course, you’ll need a FRAMING PROFESSIONAL to guide you over technical aspects that affect conservation and composition. For example: 1. On matted subjects, be certain that the width of your matting is noticeably greater than the width of the frame. This helps draw one’s eye into the center of the framed item; i.e., the artwork will show off better. 2. Liners must be properly sized to balance out the frame, again so the eye can roll easily onto the art itself. 3. There are many choices relative to the type of glass you can use...or your art may benefit from NO glass. Your framing professional can advise you. 4. Frame colors are as important as proportions and need to be carefully selected in order to show off your artwork. 5. And, of course, your professional framer should automatically provide appropriate conservation measures to protect your treasures.

Gallery One’s custom framing department is full-service....providing sleek basic metals for posters, a full-line of top quality mouldings for prints, paintings and memorabilia....and now, outstanding “top of the line” artisan frames influenced by history and designed to be tomorrow’s heirlooms. This new line of custom frames will take your breath away. These out-of-this world frames are individually crafted...and are works of art themselves, with 22k gold finishes water-gilded by hand. The corners are “finished” after they are joined — i. e., the joints can not be seen.

The impeccable craftsmanship in this collection has applications for fine art, historic portraits and original period art. And for mirrors and memorabilia as well. The collection is organized by styles: Italian, Spanish, Dutch, American and contemporary. These frames are expensive. They are fabulous. They are more than worth it. And they beautifully augment our “usual and unusual” custom mouldings.

So whether you are framing Suzy’s first report card or your family’s prized original painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, we’ve got you covered...with great design and composition and never-failing conservation materials and techniques. All at prices that are unbelievably low...way below industry standards!

(By the way, we also have a new line of well-priced great-looking ready-made frames...designed by Gallery One designers for a truly custom look at ready-made prices.)

How do we do it all...and do it well?

Our Gallery One staff has nearly 200 years experience in fine art and custom framing...and three Certified Picture Framers in supervisiory capacities. Our suppliers are tops in our industry. And our commitment to taking good care of our clients is legendary.

That's all for now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gallery One Wins TWO International Framing Awards

Take a look at TWO Gallery One award-winning entries in international framing competitions! Decades ago, Alan Brown (Gallery One CPF) entered two Professional Picture Framing Assoc. (1978 & 1985) competitions...and was a winner in both. Framers were given identical prints...and were judged on superior design and conservation. Alan’s framing techniques were revolutionary at the time. Now they are part of our “usual and customary” framing systems.

SPECIAL NOTE: In 1986, Norah Lynne and Alan Brown were among the first picture framers in the world to earn the coveted Certified Picture Framer’s designation. Today, Gallery One’s framing and shipping departments are supervised by Peggy Snyder, long-time CPF.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Conserve & Protect: An Art & Framing Feature

Conservation framing (sometimes called preservation framing) refers to the materials and techniques used by picture framers to frame valued art and objects to the highest standards. From matboards to glass to the paper cover on the back of the frame, today’s framers can provide a variety of specialized products and methods to display art and objects in the best possible environment.

As in any skilled craft, each professional framer develops an individual style of conservation framing, but there are a few principles generally regarded as standard: 1. All materials used in the framing should be stable, non-staining and acid-free. 2. All attachments used to support art or objects in the frame must be completely reversible, with no harm to the art or objects. 3. If glass is used in the framing, there must be space between the art and the glass.

What deserves conservation framing?
Anything being framed that has value to its owner deserves conservation framing. This might be fine art or investment art — or it may be a family heirloom. It may be a college degree — or it a child’s crayon drawing.

Conservation framing helps to preserve the value and condition of the art and objects you display in your home or office, and it usually does not cost much more than standard framing. Ask your framer about conservation services any time you have something framed that is valuable to you.

FYI, inexperienced and/or unskilled framers often masquerade as experts in conservation. For the protection of your art and memorabilia, we suggest that you entrust your valuable works to frameshops and galleries supervised by a CERTIFIED PICTURE FRAMER. Call us or email and we will assist you in locating a CPF in your community. Or ask us to frame your art and objects for you. (email:

That's all for now!
Norah Lynne Brown, CPF
(one of three CERTIFIED PICTURE FRAMERS on duty at Gallery One)

P.S. Because you asked! Alan continues to lose weight....he is now FAT...and has left his obese status way behind. He tells me that he needs to lose 30 more pounds to be normal. You, too, can check out your Body Mass Index (if you dare) at

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Picture Walls: An Art & Framing Feature

A picture wall displays a group of framed items in a coordinated design. The frames may be of the same style or of the same color, but most often a picture wall includes a variety of different frames. The artwork may be united by a theme: vacation photos, a collection of sports memorabilia or family portraits. Or connected by subject matter: coastal scenes depicted in photos, watercolor paintings, old engravings, etc. Color might be the unifying factor as color-themed picture walls have a lot of impact, bringing the coolness of blue or the vibrancy of red into the room. Some of the best picture walls display an eclectic mix of sizes, colors and styles that reflects a range of personal preferences and experiences. Such a collection does not have to be limited to pictures. The arrangement can include mirrors, shelves and/or objects.

When placing various sizes of frames and art together, arrange each piece so that one outside edge is in line with another picture next to it, either vertically or horizontally. This technique helps bring a sense of balance to the grouping. Keep the space between frame edges fairly small, typically two to four inches. This will visually "gather the group together." (A great measuring tool to distance one frame from another is your hand...approximately 4” across!) The grouping can build from the center and spread out in all directions....or be developed into a rectangular shape. An irregular shape is very useful if you are likely to add to the items after the initial hanging.

As a picture wall involves several nail holes, work at organizing the collection on the floor in front of the wall where it will hang before moving the items to the wall. Many collectors cut newspaper to the size of each framed item and tape these mock frames to the wall with removable tape before attacking the wall with nails and hooks.

When hanging pictures above a sofa, consider that the bottom of the lowest frame leaves clearance for the head of a seated person. But don't go higher, or the pictures will seem to be floating instead of being visually attached to the sofa. (We suggest that you work with a partner to position art work....and the one that recommends the lowest position is the winner of the “space and place” competition!)

If there is not furniture against the picture wall, and if there are a number of objects to hang, the arrangement can cover the entire wall from ceiling to floor for a dramatic presentation.

Avoid direct sunlight or other strong direct light on the art. Keep track lighting and overhead picture lights away from close contact with artwork as heat from the bulbs can damage the art. Fluorescent lights (including the new compact curly bulbs)may cause fading of some artwork.

Molly and toggle bolts are usually reserved for heavy mirrors. And we personally (except for such mirrors) hang away from studs. Two standard picture hooks should be used for each item hung to "steady" the item.

I'll be happy to take your emailed or phoned questions. Our goal is to help you build a great collection of art...for your enjoyment.

That's all for now.
Norah Lynne

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Celebrate Nat'l Art & Framing Month (all October)

Three Certified Professional FramersTwo things continue to astound me relative to the art and framing world:

#1. I am constantly amazed by the number of collectors who take great care and spend many dollars to select artwork...and then skimp on framing the item...often sacrificing appearance or conservation — or both — just to save a few bucks — or a couple of inches.

Peggy (in blue) rules the roost in Gallery One's framing department
#2. And I am more than perplexed that many collectors (not ours) are happy to leave their fine art in the care of neophyte framers.

The sad fact is that you can be "a professional picture framer" just by announcing that you are. You can brag that you are an expert in conservation and preservation of fine art without ever being professionally trained, tested or certified. Thus, in handling artwork, you are probably devaluing the items you handle through your ignorance and inexperience.

So this is my plea to you — the art collector: Celebrate National Art and Framing Month (October) in your community by insisting on placing your art in the care of a CERTIFIED PICTURE FRAMER. We cannot promise that a CPF will treat your artwork as it should be treated...just as we cannot promise that your M.D. got all A’s in medical school. But you’d hardly want to put yourself in the care of a “self-styled doc” who didn’t even complete medical training.

BTW, even if you are one of our mail,
phone or email clients, we are more Experienced framer, Dannette frames herselfthan
happy to frame your treasures. You’ll
love our pricing, our frame design and
our techniques for design, preservation
and conservation. (Or we can give you the name(s) of CPFs in your community.) FYI, our THREE (3) CPFs supervise every step of your framing process for the protection of your valuable art and/or memorabilia...

For the rest of October, we will cram our blog with info about art and framing...and decorating hints. Feel free to email us with your questions and comments for our ART CONSULTANTS (Jen, Larry, Norah Lynne or Alan) and CERTIFIED PICTURE FRAMERS (you might want to ask for Peggy...she is a long-time CPF...director of our award-winning custom framing department).

That’s all for now!

Norah Lynne Brown, CPF (since 1986)

Pictured above:
top: 3 Certified Picture Framers posing prettily!
center: Peggy, in blue, ruling the roost in Gallery One's framing department.
bottom: Experienced framer, Dannette, framing herself.

Monday, September 8, 2008


The good news keeps coming! First, great new giclee canvas releases from James C. Christensen...truly one of our favorite artists. Then the news of his spectacular new coffee-table book. And NOW.....ANNOUNCING HIS GALLERY ONE APPEARANCE ON THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 23.

Already orders are pouring in for his book, "Men and Angels." Collectors are ordering them by the dozen to use as holiday gifts. At $85 (complete with James' personal autograph), each book will be a perfect present for a lucky recipient.

It would be a good idea to RESERVE your book(s) now!

Of course, if you are one of our out-of-the-area clients, we'll ship your reserved and autographed books to you the end of October....unless you want yours held for holiday shipping.

And MORE good news....we are already accumulating a great selection of new and older Christensen works. (Problem is they are selling like the proverbial "hotcakes.") So be sure to let us know if you are hankering for one of James' treasures. It looks like "Men and Angels" is making the Christensen market go crazy!!!!

Hope to hear from you soon!

That's all for now.

Alan "Slim" Brown
(see previous posts to view my weight loss photos)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Join the Club....the Custom Framing Club!

It's new! It's FREE! And it's for all Gallery One custom framing clients. Here is how it works:

Pick up your FREE Custom Framing Club "passport" and we'll record your custom framing credits. When you have custom framed any FOUR of your items... from six available categories ... you'll earn a $50 credit on your next custom framing.

Categories include paper art, canvases, needlework, mirrors, diplomas/certificates/invitations and photos/memorabilia.

As always, you'll enjoy our low prices .... our experience ... and our expertise .... and earn a $50 bonus in the process.

(If you are one of our "out of town" framing clients, we'll work with you so you can join the custom framing club too.)

Care to eavesdrop? Here is what others say about Gallery One's custom framing:

WHAT CLIENTS SAY ABOUT GALLERY ONE'S CUSTOM FRAMING: They love our everyday fair pricing without coupons or gimmicks. ..and they love our great frame design and never-failing conservation materials and techniques.

WHAT THE FRAMING INDUSTRY SAYS ABOUT GALLERY ONE'S CUSTOM FRAMING: The industry has awarded THREE (3) Gallery One framers the prestigious Certified Picture Framing designation. And Gallery One’s custom framing department is winner of TWO (2) international picture framing awards.

WHAT COMPETITORS SAY ABOUT OUR CUSTOM FRAMING: They say we’re famous for low prices and top quality!

Check out our framing ... and send us your own comments. We love hearing from you.

That's all for now.


Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm Still Obese!

Well, it's been three weeks since my last blog...and I've lost a total of 30 pounds...give or take a carrot stick. I feel really terrific. I can fit into my tux. I can shower in record time...and I can fit into the booths at Yours Truly for my "no potatoes, no toast, no butter" breakfast. But I have five more pounds to go until I am FAT!!!! You see, I am STILL clinically obese. Can you imagine that my goal is being FAT?

Actually, I have settled down into a style of eating that is easy for me to maintain. I am rarely hungry and outside of an overwhelming desire to weigh myself every hour, I am fairly normal....and under 200 pounds!

Thanks for rooting for me!

Alan "still obese" Brown

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Incredible Shrinking Man

Dear Friends:

Well, it's been a while since my last blog. I've
been dieting so hard that I've been too weak to

Just kidding!

I've lost 22 pounds in the last month or so...and
I feel terrific. I'm not even hungry. I can
hold my pants up better. My clothes are fitting
and I can nearly button my tux. (Check out my
previous blog to see my "before" picture.)

I plan to lose 25 more pounds...and then hit the beach in my Speedo. Norah Lynne
promises me a whole new wardrobe if I get to 185....but the deal is that she gets
to pick out my clothes. Egads!!!!

Well, gotta go. It's time for my bullion and celery.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have a problem!

I can no longer fit into my Speedos. Restaurant booths are getting smaller and smaller. My clothes keep shrinking. And my bath towel won't go around me anymore.

Actually, the problems began when I was eight. Back then I looked so scrawny that my mom took me to the doctor complaining that I needed pills to help me gain weight.

I think they worked.

In recent years I have been on low carbs and no carbs. I've been a vegetarian. I've downed Slim Fast. I've tried South Beach and North Beach. I've eaten grapefruit, watermelon, cabbage soup and tomatoes. Perhaps my problem is that I've eaten all of the above at the same time.

Now is the time for me to get serious. I'd love to lose 50 pounds. I need to fit into my tux for a September wedding. I want to turn back the clock.

So I've joined the Nutrisystem plan and now I have a pantry full of little packages of dried stuff. I feel like an astronaut. A fat astronaut.

Yesterday was my first day. I reconstituted, microwaved, ate and drank. It wasn't bad. I'll weigh in next week and let you know how I am doing.


Monday, June 23, 2008


Last week, we announced a Gallery One Art Auction would be held Friday, June 27, at the gallery.

How does a Gallery One Art Auction work, you ask???

Our auctions are informative and entertaining. They provide a great way for new collectors to learn about the current art world....and they provide seasoned collectors with great money saving opportunities. There is no charge for admission, no buyer's premium...and you can bid in person or on-line at

We have seating for 150 people...door prizes...and eats. So come join us!

It's fun and you may go home with a masterpiece.

BTW...Alan is an Ohio Licensed and Bonded Auctioneer...and I'll be at the podium, too.

That's all for now! NL

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bateman Show Wrap-Up

Sadly (for us), Bob left Sunday morning for Canada. As always, it was great having him visit to personally open an exhibition of his fabulous images. He spoke to a packed house on Saturday afternoon. His topic....getting kids back outside!

We really need to listen to him. Twenty-five years ago, he spoke of living green although I don't think he called it that back then. Now we are all trying to do so. Recently, he has added a plea for us to get our young people out in nature -a proven way to combat obesity, malaise, etc.

We can't thank him enough for coming to visit us. It is time away from his family, his studio and his "green" home.

Click the following link: Robert Bateman website.

That's all for now. NL

Saturday, June 14, 2008

He's Here!

Twenty-five years ago, Bob Bateman first visited Gallery One. Sure, his work was outstanding. He brought wildlife imagery to a whole new level artistically. But as those works graced the walls of our gallery and the walls of our collectors, they spoke to us all. They tempted us to learn more about his wildlife subjects. They awakened environmental concerns in us all.

His "Coyote in the Winter Sage," one of his earliest print releases, has luckily been released now as a canvas giclee. As the coyote stands on a glacial ridge, we are reminded that the coyote is our North American wild dog. That masterful image might have been enough...but Bob had a message to convey. That was back in 1980 - thirty years ago - and Bob gave us something to ponder by simply including a crumpled beer can in the gravel terrain.

That image is powerful, artistic, compelling on its own....and a great decorating tool for our homes and work places. But like his 2008 release, "Global Warning," (showing the polar bear swimming endlessly looking for solid footing) and so many of his images through the years, the environment takes center stage.

As we drove to the airport to fetch Bob last night, I found myself trying to sort out his standing in this world of ours. Bob may argue with me....but, speaking of my lifetime, the music world is defined by Frank Sinatra and Barbara Streisand...of course, Leonard Bernstein and Pavarotti. The computer world is defined by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Architecture is defined by Frank Lloyd Wright and I. M. Pei. The movie industry by Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg and Walt Disney. And the art world is defined by Pablo Picasso, Andrew Wyeth and Robert Bateman.

That's all for now. NL

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Especially when we have an artist as famous as Robert Bateman visit us (he'll be here 10-5 this Saturday), we get lots of questions about personalizing artwork. Here is some information to assist the collector:

It is often rewarding to have a guest artist personalize one’s purchase. However, care should be taken lest such a personalization devalues the artwork. Consider that nearly all limited editions (whether on paper or canvas) have already been hand-signed by the artist. Perhaps, because of your fondness for the artist and/or because you wish to honor a special collector, you ask for a personal inscription...or a date.

Now consider that one day you want to sell the item. And there it is: an inscription to you or someone in your family...or even a date that is important to you...but meaningless to a would-be buyer. “Ah,” you say. “I would never want to sell this work of art.” But what if the item in question were Bateman’s Chief, released at $4800 in 1998 — now worth $20,000 and currently devalued because your name, date or message is on it!

See the problem?

Now for some great suggestions that leave the art work intact:

• Ask the artist to sign the certificate of authenticity or his/her bio, if available.

• If the work is covered with glass, have the artist sign the glass, the matting or the dust cover.

• On canvas works, the dust cover or the back of the frame can be safely signed.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Legendary artist and naturalist, Robert Bateman, will personally open an exhibition of his works and mark his 25-year-association with Gallery One on June 14. And are we excited!

Bob's first ever United States one-man show was at our gallery back in 1982. Born in Toronto in 1930, Bob combined his lifelong passion for nature and his talent for painting into a career that has made a lasting impact on both the art world and the environment. In the ‘70s and early ‘80s, his work first received critical acclaim. Today, his unprecedented popularity continues to expand. His works are found in many public and private collections and in several art museums.

Canada commissioned him to create that country’s wedding gift for Prince Charles. His work is also represented in the collections of Prince Philip, the late Princess Grace and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

His museum exhibitions include one at the Smithsonian Institution that set attendance records. We were there with a planeload of Gallery One collectors for the private opening. What a thrill for us all!

Today, his honors, awards and honorary doctorates are numerous and include Canada’s highest civilian award. Schools bear his name and his work and philosophy are the subjects of several books.

Bob's art is a reflection of his commitment to the environment. He has used his art for fund-raising efforts which have provided millions of dollars for such causes, among them Kirtland’s Children's Schoolhouse Nature Park....just minutes from Gallery One.

His first limited-editions were released in the U.S. in ‘78. Hundreds of distinctive images followed, most selling out quickly and becoming sought-after by collectors, even as their prices accelerated. Today, many of his most sought-after images are available as signed and numbered giclee canvases. Several such releases will be featured at his June 14 Gallery One opening and Bob will be on hand from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to personalize framed prints, books and posters.

He will present an informal lecture at 1 p.m. speaking of art and the environment. If you cannot join us in person where the world's largest display of Bob's images will "knock your socks off," be sure to check out his awesome body of work at

And by the way, now through June....get a signed Robert Bateman fine art poster with every purchase of a Bateman signed and numbered giclee or limited edition. (Our collection has never been better and includes many rare, sold-out works.)

Gallery One is located at 7003 Center St. (Rt. 615) between Rtes. 90 and 2. The gallery is open Monday-Thursday and Saturday 10-6 p.m. and Friday 10-9 p.m.

That's all for now. NL

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Goodbye Sharon!

With the excitement of the Brian Davis show, we don't want to let an event pass without a mention. Sharon Westfall, our event coordinator for the last 12.5 years, has retired. She and husband Rich have moved south now that they've become empty nesters. Sharon's warm and efficient manner has facilitated shows and Masterworks exhibits as she worked with the artists securing their art and/or accommodations. We had a small farewell party for her and wish her and Rich all the best. She is shown here with a small token of our gratitude for her many years of service. Farewell, Sharon & Rich.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Brian Davis show report

What a weekend! The Brian Davis exhibition (it will hang thru June) was warmly received by collectors who universally agreed that his images were unbelievable. And Alan and I agree that in thirty-something years in the art one does florals like Brian. It is truly an honor to represent his work.

Brian was here for two whole days! The pix at the right is of Brian and Alan enjoying a friend's garden. At the left is Brian with Tom Buchter, Director of Horticulture at Holden Arboretum. And below (right) is Brian, obviously enjoying a beautiful Ohio day by a private lake.

Regretfully, we sold out of Brian's books at Brian's opening...but a new supply is on order. The big art seller was "Resplendent Queen." And it is close to being sold out nationally. (It is pictured on the blog below.)

If you visited the gallery over the weekend, check out You may see your picture with Brian.

A special thank you from the entire Gallery One crew to Joanne Rita and the Collectors Editions team for making Brian's visit happen.CE prints, publishes and distributes Brian's works.

What's next? The Bateman exhibition opens on June 14....with Bob at Gallery One - in person.

That's all for now. NL

Friday, May 30, 2008

Brian Davis is here!

Artist Brian Davis arrived last night...on time...and in high spirits...for his first visit ever to Ohio. Already, his outstanding florals are flying out of the gallery...and having him visit to open a one man showing of his giclees should be a real treat for all art lovers. Fact is that his images take your breath away.

His visit was arranged through our friends at Collectors Editions
who publish his works and the works of several other artists of note...all displayed at the gallery. Joanne Rita of CE is here for Brian's opening....and we expect to have a great event.

All the info is at

But first, we're going to give Brian and Joanne a big northeastern Ohio welcome with a tram tour of The Holden Arboretum in Kirtland OH - one of the largest arboretums and botanical gardens in the USA with over 3,500 acres. (Luckily for us, it is just ten minutes from the gallery.) They have fabulous gardens and miles of hiking trails.

And a photo-visit to a special friend's GORGEOUS private garden retreat. Brian, Joanne and Alan always travel with their cameras and we'll post pictures in early June.

Meanwhile, Brian, Joanne and CE have big surprises for Gallery One collectors who purchase Brian's works between now and the end of May....a signed coffee table book all about Brian....and a 10"x 10" signed Davis floral giclee - it's pictured on our home page -(we're framing it FREE for our clients)....all free with purchases of Brian's signed and numbered canvas giclees and originals...just thru May.

We hope you'll visit tonite (Friday) or tomorrow afternoon to meet Brian and see his glorious works. And have some wine and cheese, of course.

Or just treat yourself with a web visit to see Brian's works at The book and giclee gifts apply to mail/phone/email orders, thru tomorrow.

That's all for now! Hope to see you this weekend.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Holiday

BTW, I'm Norah Lynne Brown. My friends call me Norah Lynne. This cumbersome double-name was a southern tradition back in Annapolis MD where I spent most of my childhood. The double-name stuck to me. Other friends and family dropped theirs. Resa Beverly became Resa. Phyllis Norma became Phyllis. Barbara Rhoda became Bobbie. Lester Ray became Les. My double-name stuck! I'm sort of the Billy Ray Cyrus of the art world.

Alan is Gallery One's president. He is never Al. Always Alan! He may be the boss of the Gallery .... but I'm his boss!

Great having a two-day holiday. On Sunday, we visited the Cleveland Metro Zoo....ran into the head guy, Steve Taylor. He's been in charge for more than 20 years...and he was on a "bus man's holiday".....taking his grandchildren on a zoo tour.

On Monday, it was hiking at Lakeshore Reservation in our Lake Metroparks chain. The trails lead down to the lake, thru an old sculpture garden and along a bird watcher's path. We even saw and took a photo of the rare tree root fixed-wing brown bird. We have the fabulous chain of Lake Metroparks in our area. They are open to the public and feature miles of hiking trails.... both manicured and rustic - along with great views. Leaving the park, we even had a deer encounter.

FYI, we have park maps at the Gallery...and brochures about other area attractions. (We have so many out-of-town visitors that we were named a satellite of the Lake Visitors Bureau.) We even have a list (with directions) of our favorite Yours Truly (, just 1/2 mile south of the Gallery...great for BLand D...or just a yummy dessert.

If you are planning a visit, here is a great tip! Many of our out-of-town visitors like the superb overnight accommodations at the award-winning Fitzgerald's Irish Bed and Breakfast ( It's just ten minutes away in Painesville OH. Debra and Tom Fitzgerald are fabulous hosts and their home away from home draws raves from all visitors.

Here are some websites that might interest you.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Below is a link where you can leave your comments and/or queries. I'll post some of your correspondence on our blog....along with our responses ... and perhaps answer some by email. Either way, we thank you in advance for "asking Gallery One." Whenever you post a comment on our blog...or send an email to, I'll forward it to the appropriate staff member...and your response will come from that staff member.

That's all for now! NL

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My first blog!

Greetings from Gallery One. This is my first web log please be kind! I'm not sure of blog protocol...or if there is a blog protocol. I just know that all of us at Gallery One love communicating with you...even those of you that are thousands of miles away. About art and artists...about framing...about decorating with art and framing...about our Lake County, OH home (Gallery One is a satellite of the Lake County Visitor's Bureau.) and about you.

Let me start by telling you a bit about us. Alan was born and raised in northeastern Ohio and went to Ohio State to find a wife. I was an Air Force brat with a home base of Annapolis MD. I, too, went to Ohio State...but my goal was an education. And Alan sure gave me that! Alan had grown up in his dad's furniture business...and I had worked at my grandparent's men and boys clothing store.

We both loved interacting with clients and even enjoyed the long hours and the business aspects of retailing. We were married 15 years when we fell in love with the art world. That was back in 1974. The art world was undergoing major growth and Gallery One opened to an enthusiastic audience of new collectors...many of whom are still with us. We were lucky to be able to grow and learn as art trends emerged. (We are still growing and learning...and having fun!)

Speaking of growing, the pictures on your left show our recent tenants - a house finch brood that nested just outside our entrance. We put off replacing the dead bush while the brood grew up...and out. Our favorite plant and flower guy will replace the tree next time for Brian Davis' visit. Brian is the outstanding floral painter who is in such demand....and he is opening his very first Ohio gallery exhibition on May 30 and Gallery One, of course. You can meet him at the gallery and see his glorious works. (Or just peruse our website and view...and


A sample of his work is to the right.

That's all for now! NL