Monday, May 4, 2009

Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery opens at Gallery One

They say that Thomas Kinkade is America's most collected living artist. Whether you like his work or not, it is for sure that you know his name and recognize his images when you see them. Coming from a modest background, Kinkade has made a career of emphasizing simple pleasures and life-affirming values through his art. And whether his work is your cup of tea or not, you certainly can appreciate his talents for art and for art marketing.

While some artists are understandably resentful of his presence on the art scene, others are grateful that he has made collecting art and decorating with art comfortable and easy for both the sophisticated collector and the new collector. That new collector often finds an easy comfort in Kinkade's images of idyllic scenes and down to earth values. From there, some new collectors become obsessed with Thom's works. Others, having made their first forays into the art world, gain the confidence to purchase the works of other talented painters.

So I say hip, hip, hooray for Mr. Kinkade. And it is with our appreciation to him for his fine works that we now dedicate close to 2000 square feet of our 18,000 square feet to Thom and his canvas and paper prints. (Additional space has been reserved for Kinkade framing and frame warehousing.) And we say thank you to Thom and his great staff for proclaiming that we are now an official Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery.

Why is that important to collectors? Now, as the largest Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery east of the Mississippi, Gallery One now offers Plein Airs, Robert Girrards, Brushworks, Classics, Inspirationals, Miniatures, Bronzes, Disney Dreams, Indy 500s, Nascars, Cafe Collection, Nightlights, Impressions of Israel PLUS Examination Proofs, Gallery Proofs, Publisher’s Proofs, Renaissance Editions, Studio Proofs and more.

We hope you will visit us person or on the shop for works by Thom and by our other outstanding artists.

As always, we want to be your favorite place to shop for art. Forever!

That's all for now.

Norah Lynne