Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Have a Jolly Holiday!

Well, we've seen Robert Bateman, the Kinkade Highlighter, Dean Morrissey and even Jim Ptacek come and go leaving us with their exhibits that have been holiday traditions for us for several years now.  But this year is extra special because we can add the first ever Cold Nose <3 Warm Art contestants' entries to our exhibits.  You really should take the time to see this display of students' art, even if you don't know any entrants.  And if you actually know one of the 150 some students, then by all means come and see their first ever real gallery exhibit!

Clancy was in his glory as he greeted his admirers and hopes to see more of them as they come to pick up their art and awards after Christmas.  They each received a ribbon and a Dean Morrissey signed print.  Pictures and a winners list can be seen at Clancy's Facebook page!  And check out the pictures and videos of the show at our Art Events page.

Now Guhonda and Clancy are scrambling to fill all the holiday orders!  Here's 290+ seasonal gift ideas if you haven't finished shopping.  Don't forget that gift certificates can be purchased in any amount and emailed right up to the last minute! Happy Holidays from everyone here at Gallery One!