Friday, February 24, 2012

Presidential Art

In honor of this week’s Presidents’ Day holiday, I thought it would be appropriate to showcase an artist who likes to feature recent American presidents in his art. Andy Thomas comes to mind.

Callin' the Blue by Andy Thomas
It appears that the game is on and Honest Abe is "Callin' the Blue." These Republican presidents are enjoying each other's company as our great nation's first president's portrait casts his spirit over them. And, from looking at the other painting on the wall, these historic figures have played this game together before. Can you name all the presidents in this image?
Callin' the Red by Andy Thomas

Not to be out-done, the Democrats in “Callin’ the Red” seem to be thoroughly enjoying Andrew Jackson’s tales. The painting within the painting depicts the same group at another occasion. Both these pieces would be ideal to test a young American history student and stir up memories of anyone who can remember the years these men held the highest office in the land.
Change by Andy Thomas

In “Change” it may seem that Andy has chosen to commemorate the historic election of American’s first black president. While that is certainly true, it is not the whole story. Look closely. Or, better yet, read what the artist himself says about his painting in the description on our site by clicking the link under the image.

Andy Thomas is not only an immensely talented painter, but also a storyteller through his art. His subject matter consists of a variety of images from historical events to intimate moments of everyday life. The artist’s desire to create is funneled into the area of painting realism that ranges from very loose to very tight. His medium is primarily oil, but he also works in watercolor, pen and ink, charcoal, pencil and ink wash. He is also an accomplished sculptor.

Primarily self-taught, Thomas began his professional art career in 1991 after sixteen years with a major advertising agency. His style has been compared to Russell and Remington, and the artist says he also has been influenced by Howard Pyle, Richard Schmid, Norman Rockwell, and others. In his studio, the artist creates his unique paintings that tell their "stories.” Thomas says, "I never consciously ponder elements of design or principals of design…I rely on my sketches to refine a value scheme as a starting point. They also help me visualize the completed painting and consider light, painting technique, subject or object importance, and other considerations. The viewer’s eye-path is a big influence on the composition at this point and all through the painting process.”

Find these and more historical art at!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GalleryGiclées™ Releases 4 Carl Brenders Giclées

The Monarch is Alive by Carl Brenders
Carl Brenders’ tribute to the majestic eagle, “The Monarch Is Alive,” was a collectors’ favorite on paper. Now, for the first time, giclées on canvas of this famous image are available through our sister company, GalleryGiclées.™ Sizes are 28” x 38” and a colossal 38” x 51.” Pre-publication prices as shown on our website are strictly limited. Expect late February shipping! 

Carl says, “The bald eagle, without any doubt one of the most beautiful birds of prey, is a favorite subject of many wildlife artists. In Europe, we have a similar species that lives on the shores of Scotland and Scandinavia, but it lacks the beautiful white head. The thrill I got in seeing a bald eagle in the wild for the first time is difficult to describe. There is no other bird that fits so well with the colors and the light of the wild landscapes in North America.”

For bird lovers and those looking for smaller images, the following giclées have also been released:

Apple Harvest; featuring a dark-eyed Junco,
Apple Harvest by Carl Brenders

Crowning Glory; featuring golden crowned kinglets and
Crowning Glory by Carl Brenders

In the Black; with his favorite – black capped chickadess.
In the Black by Carl Brenders

Purchase any of these new canvases by clicking the links or see Carl Brender's full collection at  Watch for an explosion of new artists and images from GalleryGiclées™ in 2012!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How Much is My Art Worth?

This is probably our number one question!  We must receive this inquiry twice a day, on average.  Sometimes art is part of an estate that family members are charged with evaluating for the estate or for insurance purposes; other times people are interested in trading; still others find it's time to cash out some of their items with value.

In many cases, Gallery One is able to track current values of art purchased from Gallery One. For valuations to be valid, artwork should be removed from its framing and/or packaging and be personally inspected by a member of the Gallery One staff at the time of the valuation to determine that such work has remained in mint condition. There may be a fee imposed for such an inspection and/or for providing a written statement of current valuations.

In lieu of such an inspection, Gallery One may provide (when available) the reasonable value of such artwork in mint condition based on current nationally advertised prices. Such values will be issued orally or by e-mail.

We have NO “certified appraisers” on the Gallery One staff, and while many galleries infer that they do, such is not usually the case. Certified appraisers are specifically trained and tested prior to certification. We urge our collectors to check with their insurers to determine if they require the services of a “certified appraiser.”

To find a certified appraiser, or to determine if your appraiser is “certified,” contact your local art museum or

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