Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Frame Design Ideas

Custom framing provides you with an opportunity to get exactly what you want. You get to choose what to frame, as well as the color scheme, style and proportions.  With thousands of frames and mats to choose from, the design possibilities are unlimited. By mixing and matching them in different combinations, you can hand pick frame designs to accentuate the best attributes in any piece of art.

What you will be framing plays an important role in how it will be framed. For example, a canvas is generally framed quite differently than a print on paper, even if the print is of the same image. For more information, see our Framing page.

a float frame
The subject, era, style and color scheme of the items being framed should also be factored in. When each of them is carefully considered, the resulting frame design is more likely to be in sync with the art.  Even wrapped canvases can be enhanced with a float frame as shown at right.

Lee and Grant by Ed Yanok

As seen at left, there is a time and a place for framing to be of a historical nature while in other situations it is fun to explore new options. Typically any historical art, documents and artifacts are framed to look authentic to their period. If a new piece of art was painted in an old world style, it may provide the perfect opportunity to update the look with a present day frame design.

 But, the simplest thing for you to do is to put yourself in the capable hands of the three Certified Professional Framers at Gallery One.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Save the Date – Robert Bateman Coming November 10

Artist, naturalist, activist and poet with a paintbrush, Robert Bateman returns to Gallery One this fall and we couldn’t be more excited!  This prolific artist has produced over 2,000 wildlife images and is far and away the world's premier artist of the natural world.  They’ve even named schools after him! 

White Encounter
Bateman taught high school for 20 years, including two years in Nigeria, before giving it up to paint full time in 1976.  His awards, honors, and honorary doctorates include Officer of the Order of Canada; their highest civilian award.  His influence is strongly felt through his many movies, videos and books including,  The Art of Robert Bateman, The World of Robert Bateman, Robert Bateman: An Artist in Nature and Robert Bateman: Natural Worlds and Birds.  As a spokesman for environmental and preservation issues, he uses his artwork to raise millions of dollars for these worthy causes.  Locally, he raised $33,000 for the Red Brick Schoolhouse in Willoughby.  Read more about his life in his biography.

Back in 1982, Robert made his first American appearance at Gallery One.  At that time, he was new to the U.S. art market...and yet he attracted crowds worthy of a rock star.  His loyalty to Gallery One and Gallery One collectors is notable and is matched by our fondness and respect for him, his work and his contributions to conservation.

Chief - American Bison
For a preview of his complete collection of wildlife life art visit Robert Bateman at GalleryOne.com.    Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss this rare opportunity to visit with this legendary artist!

And by the way, Alan Brown is amassing a fabulous collection of old and rare Bateman works in anticipation of his visit.  Give him a call at 800.621.1141 to reserve all your favorites now.