Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Impact of Custom Framing

Beginning this month, we're going to bring you a series of articles on custom framing.  We'll look at frame design ideas for canvas, paper, photography, needlework and objects, show you new and unique frame and matting choices, trends, hanging tips and proper care of your framed items.

Let's begin with showing you how a few well-chosen pieces of framed art can transform an ordinary room into a space filled with personality and style. 

You'll learn how personalizing your home or work space with custom framing can express your personality and add to your enjoyment of your surroundings. You'll easily note that others may purchase the same sofa, tables and lamps that you have, but it is highly unlikely that anyone will ever have the exact same custom framing as you.

Regardless of what you choose to frame for your home, whether it is a favorite piece of fine art, a mirror, an object inherited from an ancestor or your child's first finger painting - it will add interest to your space. These rooms, with and without framed art, demonstrate what a big impact well-framed items can have.

Take a look and call, email or stop with your questions, comments and suggestions. Show off your style with or without the help of our art consultants and Certified Picture Framers. We're waiting to hear from you....!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gallery Giclées Staff in the News

Gallery Giclées, sister company to Gallery One, has been producing superior giclée canvases for a growing base of A-list artists since 2010.  Those artists now include Carl Brenders, Alan Brown, Anthony Cook, Jim Daly, Michael Dumas, Dean Morrissey and David Utz.  But we won’t rest on our laurels.  Keep watching for more overtopping artists soon to be announced!

Behind every outstanding giclée is an equally outstanding team of professionals dedicated to the production of stunning canvas giclées that capture the original images of our accomplished artists.

Our goals are twofold:
        1.  exceeding the high expectations of our artists, and
        2.  exceeding the high expectations of our collectors.

Our work begins with a team effort to select unique and powerful artists.  Once we have committed ourselves to an artist (and the artist has committed themselves to Gallery Giclées), Diana Weber Gardner, creative director, takes over.  Working in conjunction with Gallery Giclée owners, Norah Lynne and Alan Brown, images are selected and sizes are determined.  Once proofed, images are OK'd by the team, and then sent to the respective artists for critiques.

Diana Weber Gardner
Creative Director Diana Weber Gardner looks upon her Gallery Giclée position as a homecoming.  An accomplished artist in her own right, Diana began her association with the Browns over 30 years ago as a college student.  Today, her trained eye and close collaboration with each artist allow her to fine tune each image until the giclées on canvas have the vibrancy and detail of the original.

But Diana also has a lengthy association with her community.  In 1975 as teenagers, she and husband Tim Gardner worked with ChagrinArts to produce a mural on a building at 107 Water St., Chardon, OH.  In the years that followed, the mural became a renowned local landmark.  And even as it faded with time, it is still a favorite among residents and travelers.

Now, as part of Chardon’s Bicentennial Celebration, Diana has been asked to lead a group of volunteers to restore the image to its former brilliance.  Diana says, “It’s heartwarming to learn from town residents about how much the mural has been enjoyed all these years. I am overwhelmed by the support of both city leaders and residents. In preparing for the project, I have learned how excited they are to know that it will be restored.”  Read more about it here.

Linda D'Agostino-Clinger
With the production side of things in such capable hands, it is essential that the marketing end is just as capably managed.  Linda D’Agostino-Clinger fills this position perfectly.  Her background in publishing and her close association with so many artists, has proven to be an invaluable asset when making initial contact with artists or assisting various galleries. Linda’s warm, charming personality comes across the phone lines as she speaks with galleries and designers all over the country.  If you are a gallery or an interior designer, you can purchase directly from Gallery Giclées.  And if you are a private purchaser, just contact Gallery One or any authorized Gallery Giclées dealer.  (Linda can be reached at 440.255.1200 or 800.621.1141 or by email.)

Assisting Norah Lynne, Alan, Diana and Linda is a team that includes Peggy Snyder in production and shipping, Joanne Kifer in accounting and Janice Kaluza, the team's web guru.  Together, the team boasts that they are producing and distributing the best selection of affordable art on the planet.  Don’t you agree?