Friday, September 19, 2014

Art Lovers - Listen Up!

Shayna & Clancy announce Artist in Residence at Gallery One
Ever since man first painted on the walls of his cave, others have looked on in admiration, wondering the same thing: “How does he DO that?”

Now you can see for yourself! As Gallery One’s Official “Patrons of the Arfs,” Shayna and I are THRILLED to tell you about a new program our folks have just announced − Gallery One’s “Artist in Residence” Program.

You are warmly invited (and nobody’s warmer than us) to experience the thrill of watching a noted artist as she creates her newest masterpiece beginning on Saturday, September 27 from 1 until 3 p.m. This marks the latest in the series of special community events that our folks are sponsoring to thank you as we celebrate Gallery One’s 40th Anniversary. Periodically, noted artists will be setting up shop inside Gallery One so that you, your family and friends can watch and ask questions as they work.

As you know, we’ve hosted hundreds of artist shows over the years where you’ve met some of the world’s greatest contemporary artists. You’ve seen their finished artwork, but NOW you’ll have the chance to be a part of the creative process! We want to make art fun, enjoyable and accessible for as many people as possible. That’s why this program is a fabulous opportunity for art lovers, art students and aspiring artists. You’ll learn more about art as well as the techniques of the artists whom we feature.

Best of all, this event is FREE and open to the public. (Teachers with large groups of students are asked to call Gallery One in advance: 800-621-1141.) We’re located at 7003 Center Street (between Rtes. 2 and 90). Regular hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday or by appointment. We’re a family-friendly gallery, wheel chair accessible with lots of free parking. Call us at 440-255-1200 for more information.

Clancy & Shayna