Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Greatness with a Brush: Artist David Utz!

David Utz
After this past winter’s record-setting frigid temperatures over much of the nation, who didn’t dream of escaping to a warm tropical paradise? Even if island-hopping is not on the immediate agenda or in the budget, the imaginative art of David Utz presents an enticing option. 

Born in New England, David Utz grew up in Florida where his family had relocated. His father, the late Thornton Utz, a renowned fine artist and celebrated illustrator, recognized and nurtured his son’s artistic gifts.

Paying homage to the surrealists, pop artists and Henri Rousseau, David Utz has developed a distinctive style instantly recognizable and uniquely his own. An artist of many interests — painter, sculptor, portrait artist and graphic designer — his work incorporates the influences of early 20th century illustrators, the art of Central and South America, the bold graphics and vivid hues of the Caribbean, the contemporary look of 60s media art, as well as the sunny tropical climate of Florida’s Gulf Coast.

His internationally licensed work has won honors, awards and recognition and is found in a number of private collections. The vibrant creations of David Utz have also been displayed at the New York Art Exhibition. Get to know the man behind the palm fronds!

GG:  What is your favorite childhood memory?
David: The freedom that I found bicycling.

GG: When did you know that you were destined to become an artist?
David: Late in my teenage years I really became interested in graphic art and art direction, then in my twenties I started painting.

GG:  Who has most encouraged or inspired you?
David: My father, the wonderful person and excellent artist/illustrator.

GG:  What do you find to be the single most gratifying aspect of being an artist?
David: Creating something and not really knowing where it came from.

GG:   What is your preferred medium with which to paint and why is it your favorite?
David: I prefer acrylic because I work in dry brush and it's perfect for that.

GG:  What is your favorite pastime (other than painting)?
David: Traveling anywhere and movies!

GG: What is your favorite current film?
David:  The Wolf of Wall Street

GG:   Favorite vacation destination?  
David:  Europe

GG:   Favorite cuisine?
David:  Real northern Italian!

GG: What is it that you hope people will discover in your work?
David: Imagination and the joy of color.

Discover the joy of color in the imaginative art of David Utz, exclusively from Gallery Giclées™. Transform your walls or outdoor living space into a private retreat where you can relax and unwind or, if you prefer, party like a rock star!  

  • David Utz is currently accepting commissions for ORIGINAL PAINTINGS.
All artwork © David Utz
Giclées on canvas, hand-signed by the artist
David Utz - Bellaquest
UTZBE1  $995  38” x 57”
David Uz - Birds of Paradise
Birds of Paradise
UTZBI1  $425  20” x 27”
David Utz - The Fantasy
The Fantasy
UTZFA1  $295  15” x 20”
David Utz - Red Parrot on Vine
Red Parrot on Vine

UTZRE1  $295  18” x 18”
David Utz - Spoonbill

UTZSP1  $345  24” x 17”
David Utz - Sunrise Tiger
Sunrise Tiger

UTZSU1 $425  24” x 24”
UTZSU2 $795  36” x 36”

David Utz - Jungle Dream
Jungle Dream
UTZJU3  $995  38” x 47”

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