Thursday, June 14, 2018


Clancy here. Ah, summer! Shana and I just saw our first lightning bug of the season last night! Twinkling at dusk, just as the street lights came on, they signal the longer days to come. And the longer days of summer make it the perfect time to get everyone outdoors and get creative!

If you’re looking for ways to stimulate your kids’ creativity now that school is out, we have some fun projects that you can try. Best of all, the family dog can participate! (Now everyone can have fun!)


Dip your pup’s paw in pet-safe paint, then gently press the paw on paper. Have the kids paint stems and leaves. Add a frame, and you have a great gift for grandparents!


If you have a collection of white seashells gathered from vacation, you have lots of little blank canvases from which to work. (Or get a bag of shells from your craft store as well as some washable kid’s paint, and let the kids paint the shells.) When the paint has dried, the shells can be glued to magnets, wreathes, barrettes, etc. Or use their natural color to enhance flower pots and picture frames.


Gather the kids and grab the dog for a walk in the woods. Collect pine cones and sticks you find along the way. You’ll also need small screw eyes and twine or yarn. You can paint the sticks with craft paint for extra color. Attach a screw eye to the end of each stick or pine cone. Thread yarn or twine through the screw eyes, and tie them to a stick. Hang on your porch or in a tree and watch them dance in the breeze.

Have some great ideas to share? Send them to us, and we’ll post them in our Blog!  Happy summer!


Clancy & Shayna

Thursday, May 31, 2018

A 21-Bark Salute to a Great American, Alan Bean


Shayna and I have the coolest parents ever. They know EVERYBODY. You wouldn’t believe all the artists who have scratched our ears over the years!  They even hosted famed astronaut/artist Alan Bean twice at Gallery One, but that was before our time. And although we never got to meet Alan Bean in person, Shayna and I frequently sat in Dad’s office as the two Alans chatted over the phone.

Recently, Dad told us all about Bean and what an interesting life he had led. Bean grew up in Texas near an airbase. Art and aviation were his chief interests. During World War II he decided he wanted to be a pilot. But during his free time, he took classes in oil painting. In 1962, Alan Bean (known to his fellow pilots as “Beano”) applied to join an elite group of test pilots called “astronauts” saying, "I thought it might be even more fun than flying airplanes."

After completing a year of training, rookie astronauts receive a silver pin. When Bean first set foot on the moon, he tossed his own silver pin into a crater commenting afterwards, “I often think of it at night when I look up at the moon."

After Bean left NASA, he turned his attention to art so that he could record what he had seen first-hand as one of only 12 humans to ever set foot on the moon. For added authenticity and ruggedness, he created his original paintings on a type of plywood typically used to make aircraft frames. Bean would add impressions to the paint using the boots he wore during his moonwalks and the hammer he used to erect the American flag on the lunar surface.

In 1988, Bean published a book of his work entitled Apollo: An Eyewitness Account by Astronaut/Explorer Artist/Moonwalker. In the introduction fellow astronaut John Glenn wrote, "He saw the same monochromatic world as the other astronauts, yet with an artist's eye he also saw intrinsic beauty in the rocks and boulders and their textures and shapes."

In recent years, Alan Bean and his wife, Leslie, shared their Texas home with seven lucky Lhasa Apso dogs. So some night, when the moon is bright, if you should hear barking off in the distance, please disregard it. It’s only us, saying hello to an old friend…

Clancy & Shayna

Thursday, May 3, 2018

What’s the difference?  PLENTY!

Shayna & Clancy here.  Are you familiar with “The Starfish Story”? Allow us to explain:

An elderly man, walking along the shore, observed a young boy up ahead, throwing something into the ocean. As the man watched, the boy would pick up up small objects in the sand and then hurl them into the sea. When the man drew closer, he saw that they were starfish, so he asked the boy to explain. The boy said that the tide was out, the sun was coming up, and if he didn’t throw the starfish back into the water, they would die. The man said, “But there are miles of beach and hundreds of starfish. You can’t possibly make a difference.” As the boy listened, he stooped down to pick up yet another starfish. Throwing it into the sea, he turned to the man and replied, “It made a difference to that one.”

Shayna and I were both rescued, and believe me, it made a BIG difference to us.

 Individually, each of us has within us the power to make a difference, and when we join forces, we can do even more. As Gallery One’s official Patrons of the Arfs, we invite you to celebrate National “Be Kind to Animals Week” with us.

Order a Gallery Giclées canvas depicting ANY animal May 6th through the 12th, and Gallery One will donate 10% of the purchase proceeds to Marilyn’s Voice,* a local nonprofit, all-volunteer animal rescue organization.

Here are just a few examples. All giclées on canvas are hand-signedby the artist!

Michael Dumas

Back of the Old Truck
Jim Daly

Just Shy of Sly
Carl Brenders

Minstrel in the Mill
Dean Morrissey

Beagle Pups
Alan Brown

Peek a Boo
Alan Brown

Sunrise Tiger
David Utz

Red Parrot on Vine
David Utz

Looking for more ways to help? Here are some ideas:

Volunteer. Whether you help your local shelter raise funds, walk dogs, or just scratch a furry ear here and there, you will make a much-needed difference.

Create a fund-raising page. Share it with family and friends to collect donations in honor of a beloved pet. The money you raise will help your shelter care for animals in need.

Adopt. If you have the time, space and love to share, there are animals waiting for a loving forever home.

Donate. Shelters need money, blankets, pet food, toys and cleaning products. Contact your local shelter for suggestions.

Thank you & bless your kind heart!


Clancy & Shayna

* Marilyn’s Voice rescues dogs from dire circumstances, rehabilitates and re-homes them. It was named in honor of Marilyn, a tiny breeder dog rescued from a puppy mill where she had undergone a “de-barking” procedure to silence her (a cruel but common puppy mill practice). Complications from that procedure led to Marilyn’s untimely death, but not before she had become a certified therapy dog who brought cheer into the lives of the many patients and nursing home residents with whom she empathized. The volunteers of Marilyn's Voice have made it their mission to become her “voice” and the voice of other mistreated dogs by working to end Ohio’s cruel puppy mill industry and by rescuing, fostering and permanently re-homing dogs in need. A 100% volunteer organization supported by adoption fees and donations, it is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the State of Ohio. For more info, see

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Clancy here.

My sidekick, Shayna, and I were hard at work when a dame came into the gallery with a sad story we hear all too often. She had used some framing coupons from a craft store. Turns out, the “deep discounts” were a Fabric-ation. And to top it off, she was disappointed in the quality of the finished product.

We told her that Gallery One employs only Certified Picture Framers to handle your treasured pieces (that’s like earning and retaining a Master’s Degree because of the frequent recertification required to keep this distinction.)

We were afraid we’d have to administer smelling salts when we told her our prices, ESPECIALLY when we told her about Gallery One’s framing specials offered through our Art Auction, now in progress through Wed. April 4 at 4 p.m. Click to see our art auction HERE.

Don’t let this happen to you – take advantage of this offer. If you don’t, you’ll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life, as my hero, Bogie, once said.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

The kitchen is the heART of the home…

Clancy & Shayna here. The other day, as we were waiting for Dad to feed us, we were looking around the kitchen and had an epiphany…

We realized that we would be remiss as your Gallery One Patrons of the Arfs if we didn’t tell you how Gallery Giclées can transform the heart of your home. And if you thought art in the kitchen was impractical, think again – we print each Gallery Giclées™ canvas in-house and guarantee them FOR LIFE!

You know how much your family and friends like to get together in the kitchen. Once strictly utilitarian, kitchens are now gathering places where recipes are passed down, prepared and enjoyed. No longer hidden away, kitchens have evolved as family living space; all the more reason they should be especially warm and welcoming! So here are some ideas for your consideration:

It’s big and blank and waiting for your creative touch – use magnets to display art
on the fridge!  
No glass is needed (hence no breakage),
making Gallery Giclées both safe and lightweight.

Bring spring indoors to your cabinets with art. Gallery Giclées™ canvases will never fade, 
even when hung in direct sunlight.

Hang Gallery Giclées in place of a backsplash. Each canvas is coated to withstand temperature fluctuations and humidity making them ideal for kitchens, and they wipe clean with a damp cloth:

For more ideas, see the entire collection at
Better still, stop in the gallery and we’ll show you all of your options. And remember, Gallery Giclées are each hand-signed by the artist. They’re beautiful, affordable, lightweight and guaranteed for life – period.

Clancy & Shayna

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Clancy here. 

Our dad, Alan Brown, is a man of many talents. Sure, he’s a world famous photographer and president of Gallery One, but did you know the man is also an Auctioneer?

I’m not kidding – give him a gavel and he starts to speak in a rapid-fire Southern drawl. He’s a hoot, but the best part is all the cool stuff that you can acquire at his auctions.

Right now, Gallery One is having an online auction, and the art treasures are FLYING out the door as you read this! And I feel that as your Patron of the Arfs, I need to make you aware of this remarkable opportunity!

Why? Because you can $ave money on works by your favorite artists! Scoring a deal on an art treasure is a real adrenaline rush. Plus, you never know what will be offered unless you participate.  (And just imagine how impressed your friends will be when they see what you’ve managed to snag.)

Check out our auction listings at for all the details and get ready to bid!

Believe me, you’ll thank me when you do. (And if you feel compelled to reward us with treats the next time you stop in, feel free.)


Clancy & Shayna

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Calling all Time Travelers

We are a nation of insomniacs. Despite this, twice a year, we Americans dutifully spring forward and fall back to conform to the rigors of Daylight Saving Time.

Ben “early to bed, early to rise” Franklin is famously credited for the idea, but at the age of 78, he only wanted to sleep in after being awakened by the 6 a.m. sunrise while in France. He penned a satirical essay proposing that Parisians could save beaucoup francs on candles by rising at dawn.

Still, one less hour of sleep this coming March 11 remains cause for celebration.

Not only will you gain an extra hour of daylight to enjoy each day during the summer, but you also have the opportunity to save on some of Gallery Giclées most popular pieces.

Order any of the time-related giclées shown here and save 10% between the hours of 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. ONLY on Sunday, March 11, 2018. (Come on, it’s not like you’ll be sleeping…)

Order by phone: 800-621-1141
Order on-line:

Giclées on canvas, hand-signed by the artist

Giclées on canvas, hand-signed by the artist

Order between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 11, 2018 – nap later.