Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Your Guide to Trundletopia

Greetings from Clancy & Shayna, your Patrons of the Arfs and local Trundle authorities!

Here we are in an area barn, where we recently spotted a Trundle, trying to give us the slip!

In last week’s blog we discussed Trundles. Due to the overwhelming response, we’ve asked international authority and leading Trundologist,* Dean Morrissey, to elaborate a bit regarding some of their lesser-known traits. 
According to Dean, although you may have never personally encountered one, odds are you have a Trundle or two under your own roof, but this is exceedingly difficult to verify as Trundles tend to avoid the spotlight.

Take for example, Billy Blue Sky and His Magical Bow Tie, discussed in last week’s blog. According to Dean, Billy is the embodiment of optimism. Yet he has absolutely nothing going for him in life except his attitude and his tie with which he can fly.

Billy is like the bumble bee; aerodynamically, he shouldn’t be able to fly. But like the bumblebee, no one has bothered to tell him, so Billy flies anyway. Said Dean, “Billy has no body, giant metal shoes and an empty head, but the boy’s got heart! The upbeat vibes emanating from such a roommate, even one who eschews the limelight, are bound to have an overall positive effect on those with whom he shares a residence.”

By now you probably have additional questions regarding Trundles, how they get into your home to do small favors, and how they manage to go undetected. The best advice we can give is to make plans to ask Dean Morrissey himself when he comes to Gallery One this holiday season. You can also view all of his new original artwork and latest giclées, and have him personalize his books and prints for the perfect holiday gifts.

Not only that, but you can take home your very own Trundle artwork!

Everyone loves an optimist; their outlook draws people to them. And after all the nasty political campaigns and bad news that bombards the airwaves daily, who wouldn’t welcome some optimism? Best of all, if you display Dean’s colorful Trundles in your home, they’ll be a daily reminder to maintain a positive outlook. (And they’ll show your resident Trundles that you’re happy to have them – mi casa es Trundle casa.)

Dates and times will be announced here soon. Make plans to join us! Tell your friends and bring your family (and leave a note for your Trundles).

* An authority on all things having to do with Trundles



Clancy & Shayna
(Your Patrons of the Arfs)

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