Friday, August 29, 2008

Join the Club....the Custom Framing Club!

It's new! It's FREE! And it's for all Gallery One custom framing clients. Here is how it works:

Pick up your FREE Custom Framing Club "passport" and we'll record your custom framing credits. When you have custom framed any FOUR of your items... from six available categories ... you'll earn a $50 credit on your next custom framing.

Categories include paper art, canvases, needlework, mirrors, diplomas/certificates/invitations and photos/memorabilia.

As always, you'll enjoy our low prices .... our experience ... and our expertise .... and earn a $50 bonus in the process.

(If you are one of our "out of town" framing clients, we'll work with you so you can join the custom framing club too.)

Care to eavesdrop? Here is what others say about Gallery One's custom framing:

WHAT CLIENTS SAY ABOUT GALLERY ONE'S CUSTOM FRAMING: They love our everyday fair pricing without coupons or gimmicks. ..and they love our great frame design and never-failing conservation materials and techniques.

WHAT THE FRAMING INDUSTRY SAYS ABOUT GALLERY ONE'S CUSTOM FRAMING: The industry has awarded THREE (3) Gallery One framers the prestigious Certified Picture Framing designation. And Gallery One’s custom framing department is winner of TWO (2) international picture framing awards.

WHAT COMPETITORS SAY ABOUT OUR CUSTOM FRAMING: They say we’re famous for low prices and top quality!

Check out our framing ... and send us your own comments. We love hearing from you.

That's all for now.


Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm Still Obese!

Well, it's been three weeks since my last blog...and I've lost a total of 30 pounds...give or take a carrot stick. I feel really terrific. I can fit into my tux. I can shower in record time...and I can fit into the booths at Yours Truly for my "no potatoes, no toast, no butter" breakfast. But I have five more pounds to go until I am FAT!!!! You see, I am STILL clinically obese. Can you imagine that my goal is being FAT?

Actually, I have settled down into a style of eating that is easy for me to maintain. I am rarely hungry and outside of an overwhelming desire to weigh myself every hour, I am fairly normal....and under 200 pounds!

Thanks for rooting for me!

Alan "still obese" Brown