Tuesday, March 23, 2010



(News from Haiti follows.)

While the universal quality of our 2010 Masterworks entries was "over the top," two artists reigned supreme. For the second year in a row, Canadian Michael Dumas PEOPLE'S CHOICE winner was ... this year with "Curious Tiger Cub." Michael, we congratulate you and thank you for your excellent entry. The proud owner of your painting is a collector from California.

The Buyers' Choice Award, in a close competition, was Rebecca Latham. She had the most "intents to purchase" filed for her entry, "Gray Ghost." Her painting was "won" by Ohio art collectors. Mrs. Collector is a fine artist in her own right!

An interesting note: runner up for Buyers' Choice was Rebecca's sister, Bonnie Latham.

Congratulations for Michael and Rebecca. In four to six weeks, you'll receive a trophy from Gallery One along with our since thanks for your fine works.

Phuoc Le (MD - MPH) is back in Haiti after a two-week "required" return to the US. Good news (for us at least) is that he is now residing inside Port au Prince's General Hospital. He was in a tent which occasionally was "under water." Click here to view a video of Phuoc at work. (A reminder: Phuoc is married to our #1 granddaughter, Erin.)

That's all for now.
Norah Lynne and Alan

Monday, March 8, 2010

The biggest "little show" in North America is now open at Gallery One!

Phuoc Le, MD, MPH returns to Haiti this week for another month of work in Port au Prince. Next week, we will resume blog updates on his work there.


Gallery One’s famed Masterworks in Miniature is now open with nearly 200 small and truly outstanding works of art — created by today’s most collected painters - on display at the gallery and on the web at www.galleryone.com.

Now in its 19th year, Masterworks features original paintings by Bev Doolittle, Edna Hibel, Carl Brenders, Terry Isaac, Dean Morrissey, Guy Coheleach, Simon Bull, Morgan Weistling, Robert Finale, Trish McKinney, Charles Wysocki and more than 100 other top artists. Amazingly, works are priced from $230.

This means that many of the orginals in Masterworks can be purchased for less than the price of prints or giclees.

While some Masterworks will fit in the palm of one's hand, others are as large as 9" x 12." A rare few may be a bit larger. Regardless of size, all are exquisitely detailed and represent the high quality expected of the individual artists. Genres include wildlife, portraits, still life, landscape, abstract and fantasy.

The artists are from all over the world. Some are miniaturists, specifically known for small originals. Many like Brenders and Doolittle have carved out enviable reputations for full-sized originals — at prices that do not fit the average wallet.

“When such top artists are ‘forced’ to work small, their prices become really affordable,” said Alan Brown, gallery president. “Collectors of limited editions often find that they can collect such miniatures for less than prints by the very same artists.”

The demand for the miniatures is so intense that, for many of the entries, prospective buyers must submit “intent-to-purchase” forms from which lucky purchasers are drawn at the close of the event. The other half of the exhibit is available for purchase on a first come, first served basis.

All of the works will be on exhibit until Saturday, March 20 when the event closes. In addition, the entire exhibit can be viewed at www.galleryone.com along with detailed information regarding each work and each artist. Information about purchasing will be on the web, as well.

And how do collectors display the miniatures? Many find their way into wall groupings while others rest comfortably on small easels, bathed in lamplight. Some hang alone, featured above an interesting furniture item. Regardless of how they are used, they are perfect jewels.

For additional information, call 800.621.1141 or 440.255.1200 or visit www.galleryone.com.

Gallery One is located at 7003 Center St. (Rt. 615), Mentor between Routes 90 and 2. For additional information, call 440.255.1200 or 800.621.1141 or visit www.galleryone.com.

The gallery is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday. Sunday hours are by appointment.