Friday, May 27, 2011

Welcome News Herald Community Readers

Gallery One welcomes our neighbors from our local newspaper's blog! I've been reading through some of the stories in the widget and one in particular caught my eye. . .the story about the effect of recent storms on homes and marinas in and around Mentor.

It brought to mind an event that occurred here at Gallery One. We had just sent a package to a client in Oklahoma who had purchased something at our May 20 auction. FedEx was unable to deliver to the address because a tornado had completely destroyed their home. We were unable to reach the client by phone so we sent an email but have not yet heard from them. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by severe weather locally and nationally. This situation certainly brought the tragedy home to us. I hope the craziness subsides soon and June will bring sunnier skies!

But, back to the News Herald Community, I encourage you to comment on our blogs, ask questions about art and framing and generally interact to make this the kind of place where you can come to find answers. We can offer advice on the best ways to frame your keepsakes, arranging pictures around thermostats and fireplaces, creating groupings or the difference between a giclee and a paper print. Please feel free to click the comment link or email me directly at I look forward to our dialogs.

BTW, This is an excellent time to become a reader of AskGalleryOne. We are in the midst of a Groupon special as outlined in our previous blog! That's all for now!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gallery One is a Featured Deal at Groupon!

Well, April was a very busy month! The live auction we had was our first in three years and required weeks of preparation in the gallery and on the web. But if you missed it. . .

Today is the first of our five day feature at! We are excited to offer these great deals on art and framing to make your home or office a more beautiful and comfortable place to spend your time. Becoming a feature gives us wider exposure and allows us to reach new clients in our area. Take advantage of this 50% offer while you still can. . .we don't know when it will happen again!

You may choose one of the following options.

For $25, you get $50 worth of art, framing services, and décor.
For $50, you get $100 worth of art, framing services, and décor.

Nothing is excluded! In fact, we have a selection of specials so that you'll have savings on top of savings! Check out: Alan Brown's framed minis usually $ just $100 or Figurines by Jim Daly and Will Bullas or work with our award-winning framing department to frame your art or memorabilia!

And remember, we want to be your favorite place to shop for art . . . forever!