Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Happy Trails to You!

Greetings from Shayna and brother Clancy! We hope your holidays were happy, and we want to thank you for all your good wishes and wish you all the best in 2019!

We went on a quick holiday road trip with our folks in our RV. Like you, Clancy and I LOVE to see new places. Now that we’re back at work, the start of a brand-new year seemed like an ideal time to share with you some captivating destinations captured by one of our favorite artists, Robert Finale! His work will transport you to lovely and romantic settings, right in the comfort of your home.

At the tender age of two, Robert and his family fled communist Cuba and settled in the U.S. The adversity and struggles his family endured instilled in the young boy an appreciation for the value of hard work as well as a sense of discipline. Ever since he was a youngster, Robert had a passion for art, sketching everything he could. His mother treasured his sketches and encouraged her son to always keep them and care for them.

Early on, Robert worked as an electrician before discovering his natural talent for painting with oils. Entirely self-taught, this incredible artist is also an avid traveler. He uses his photos, sketches and memories to begin each painting, creating detailed landscapes that take the viewer throughout the United States, to South America, Europe and the Mediterranean.

Winter in Paris

Finale’s limited editions capture the atmosphere and reveal the magical play of light on the architecture that makes each historical setting so memorable and unique. Whether you’ve traveled to one of Finale’s romantic settings or someday plan to, his idyllic locales are like a vacation for the soul. His mesmerizing art breaks the monotony and affords us the opportunity to enjoy the moment, reconnecting with that which makes us happy.

Portofino Sunrise

Shown here are a handful of Finale’s many giclées available to you through Gallery One. Need an anniversary gift for a seasoned traveler or someone special? Look no further.  Stop in and claim your favorite ports of call! 

Autumn Morning, Halstat Austria

Be sure to browse the complete collection at for size and price options.

If you have any questions, just ask us – Clancy and I are experts and we’re happy to help!



Shayna & Clancy
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