Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Impact of Custom Framing

Beginning this month, we're going to bring you a series of articles on custom framing.  We'll look at frame design ideas for canvas, paper, photography, needlework and objects, show you new and unique frame and matting choices, trends, hanging tips and proper care of your framed items.

Let's begin with showing you how a few well-chosen pieces of framed art can transform an ordinary room into a space filled with personality and style. 

You'll learn how personalizing your home or work space with custom framing can express your personality and add to your enjoyment of your surroundings. You'll easily note that others may purchase the same sofa, tables and lamps that you have, but it is highly unlikely that anyone will ever have the exact same custom framing as you.

Regardless of what you choose to frame for your home, whether it is a favorite piece of fine art, a mirror, an object inherited from an ancestor or your child's first finger painting - it will add interest to your space. These rooms, with and without framed art, demonstrate what a big impact well-framed items can have.

Take a look and call, email or stop with your questions, comments and suggestions. Show off your style with or without the help of our art consultants and Certified Picture Framers. We're waiting to hear from you....!

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Judy Barnes said...

Fabulous work. Cool photo, too
Dave Barnhouse