Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hi!  I'm Guhonda!  The Browns brought me back from their trip to Rwanda in 1974 and I've taken up residence at Gallery One ever since.  I like to think of myself as their mascot.  (Unofficially, of course!)

Look!  I already have FIVE wonderful gifts under the tree.  I can't open them yet.  I have to wait.  But YOU don't!  You have FIVE wonderful gifts too!  Just go to the Gallery One Specials page and take advantage of all of them.  Or choose your favorite from the new Dean Morrissey book, Small Business Saturday, the Wysocki ($1) print special, the Kinkade Highlighting event. or the gorgeous new Anthony E. Cook giclees.

Dean Morrissey is coming Dec. 2 & 3 to sign his books and Anthony Cook is coming Dec. 10 to introduce those incredible landscape photographs.  Also, on the 3rd, Felicia Zavarella Stadelman is coming to lecture on Norman Rockwell!  Check out our last blog post for more details.  I like to think of myself as a fly on the wall for these exciting holiday shows. . .even though I look more like the 800 lb. gorilla!  (hahaha)  Everybody that attends these events is in such a festive mood and it's not just the wine & cheese or bagels & coffee that cause that effect.  They come because there is so much beauty found here and there's always something new!  Why not make Gallery One a regular part of your holidays.  And come see me at the front counter.  (You can't miss me!  They made me wear this stupid holiday nightshirt!)


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