Sunday, June 1, 2008

Brian Davis show report

What a weekend! The Brian Davis exhibition (it will hang thru June) was warmly received by collectors who universally agreed that his images were unbelievable. And Alan and I agree that in thirty-something years in the art one does florals like Brian. It is truly an honor to represent his work.

Brian was here for two whole days! The pix at the right is of Brian and Alan enjoying a friend's garden. At the left is Brian with Tom Buchter, Director of Horticulture at Holden Arboretum. And below (right) is Brian, obviously enjoying a beautiful Ohio day by a private lake.

Regretfully, we sold out of Brian's books at Brian's opening...but a new supply is on order. The big art seller was "Resplendent Queen." And it is close to being sold out nationally. (It is pictured on the blog below.)

If you visited the gallery over the weekend, check out You may see your picture with Brian.

A special thank you from the entire Gallery One crew to Joanne Rita and the Collectors Editions team for making Brian's visit happen.CE prints, publishes and distributes Brian's works.

What's next? The Bateman exhibition opens on June 14....with Bob at Gallery One - in person.

That's all for now. NL

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Michael said...

To our friends and partners at Gallery One --

Thank you for your ongoing support, partnership and passion for all things "Collectors Editions" -- we truly appreciate all that you do.

Thank you for going "above and beyond" in making the Brian Davis show a great success; personally and professionally. I know that Brian was thrilled to spend a couple of days with you and returned to his studio energized and passionate about the trip. He is very appreciative and looks forward to future shows with Gallery One!

We look forward to upcoming shows, gathers, and of course more time together.

With sincere appreciation,

Michael Young