Thursday, May 22, 2008

My first blog!

Greetings from Gallery One. This is my first web log please be kind! I'm not sure of blog protocol...or if there is a blog protocol. I just know that all of us at Gallery One love communicating with you...even those of you that are thousands of miles away. About art and artists...about framing...about decorating with art and framing...about our Lake County, OH home (Gallery One is a satellite of the Lake County Visitor's Bureau.) and about you.

Let me start by telling you a bit about us. Alan was born and raised in northeastern Ohio and went to Ohio State to find a wife. I was an Air Force brat with a home base of Annapolis MD. I, too, went to Ohio State...but my goal was an education. And Alan sure gave me that! Alan had grown up in his dad's furniture business...and I had worked at my grandparent's men and boys clothing store.

We both loved interacting with clients and even enjoyed the long hours and the business aspects of retailing. We were married 15 years when we fell in love with the art world. That was back in 1974. The art world was undergoing major growth and Gallery One opened to an enthusiastic audience of new collectors...many of whom are still with us. We were lucky to be able to grow and learn as art trends emerged. (We are still growing and learning...and having fun!)

Speaking of growing, the pictures on your left show our recent tenants - a house finch brood that nested just outside our entrance. We put off replacing the dead bush while the brood grew up...and out. Our favorite plant and flower guy will replace the tree next time for Brian Davis' visit. Brian is the outstanding floral painter who is in such demand....and he is opening his very first Ohio gallery exhibition on May 30 and Gallery One, of course. You can meet him at the gallery and see his glorious works. (Or just peruse our website and view...and


A sample of his work is to the right.

That's all for now! NL

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Your blog is awesome Norah Lynne!