Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Holiday

BTW, I'm Norah Lynne Brown. My friends call me Norah Lynne. This cumbersome double-name was a southern tradition back in Annapolis MD where I spent most of my childhood. The double-name stuck to me. Other friends and family dropped theirs. Resa Beverly became Resa. Phyllis Norma became Phyllis. Barbara Rhoda became Bobbie. Lester Ray became Les. My double-name stuck! I'm sort of the Billy Ray Cyrus of the art world.

Alan is Gallery One's president. He is never Al. Always Alan! He may be the boss of the Gallery .... but I'm his boss!

Great having a two-day holiday. On Sunday, we visited the Cleveland Metro Zoo....ran into the head guy, Steve Taylor. He's been in charge for more than 20 years...and he was on a "bus man's holiday".....taking his grandchildren on a zoo tour.

On Monday, it was hiking at Lakeshore Reservation in our Lake Metroparks chain. The trails lead down to the lake, thru an old sculpture garden and along a bird watcher's path. We even saw and took a photo of the rare tree root fixed-wing brown bird. We have the fabulous chain of Lake Metroparks in our area. They are open to the public and feature miles of hiking trails.... both manicured and rustic - along with great views. Leaving the park, we even had a deer encounter.

FYI, we have park maps at the Gallery...and brochures about other area attractions. (We have so many out-of-town visitors that we were named a satellite of the Lake Visitors Bureau.) We even have a list (with directions) of our favorite Yours Truly (, just 1/2 mile south of the Gallery...great for BLand D...or just a yummy dessert.

If you are planning a visit, here is a great tip! Many of our out-of-town visitors like the superb overnight accommodations at the award-winning Fitzgerald's Irish Bed and Breakfast ( It's just ten minutes away in Painesville OH. Debra and Tom Fitzgerald are fabulous hosts and their home away from home draws raves from all visitors.

Here are some websites that might interest you.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Below is a link where you can leave your comments and/or queries. I'll post some of your correspondence on our blog....along with our responses ... and perhaps answer some by email. Either way, we thank you in advance for "asking Gallery One." Whenever you post a comment on our blog...or send an email to, I'll forward it to the appropriate staff member...and your response will come from that staff member.

That's all for now! NL

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