Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Your ancestors would like a word. . .

“You’re taking us to AN ORDINARY framer
and you expect us to SMILE?”

They would like us to debunk a few myths related to framing…


• Framing costs less at craft stores that offer liberal discount coupons.

FALSE – dare to compare! We guarantee that Gallery One’s prices are lower than chain stores that offer Fabric-ated discounts. You’ll find that we offer better value for your framing dollar. We use only the finest quality mat boards and mouldings, and we buy them in bulk.

• Virtually anyone can learn to frame.

TRUE – But NOT every framer has completed the necessary requirements to earn (and retain) the distinction of CPF (Certified Picture Framer). This is the framer’s designation of excellence, awarded by the Professional Picture Framers Association to someone who has passed rigorous testing and demonstrated particular skill and knowledge in a demanding profession. A CPF has to know how to create frames for anything from Picassos to hockey pucks. The examination for this exclusive certification is intense and requires frequent recertification. Gallery One has THREE Certified Picture Framers on staff. Combined, our staff has 200 years’ experience in fine art and custom framing.

• My diploma will fit in a ready-made discount store poster frame.

TRUE – But first ask yourself, how much did it cost – in years, in study and in dollars – to earn that prized document that you will display for the rest of your life? Then decide how best to preserve it.

• Gallery One will handle my rare family photos and heirlooms with care.

TRUE – And unlike some other framers, all of our work is done on the premises by people who are used to handling priceless museum-quality pieces.

We can frame virtually anything (and have). Nobody takes better care of your treasures than we do, and no one will make them look better.

• But I don’t live in the area, so I’ll have to use a local framer.

FALSE – We take framing orders from all over the country and beyond! We can and do ship anywhere, and we do it better than anybody – see

Or, make plans to visit us on your travels. Cleveland is hosting the RNC this summer. We’re home to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Indians, Browns and Cavaliers, the world-famous Cleveland Clinic and so much more. We’re close to Niagara Falls, Cedar Point and many other vacation attractions.
Just ask Northeast Ohio locals about us. They have voted us Best Cleveland Area Art Gallery twice! Established in 1974, Gallery One is family-friendly and celebrating more than 40 years in business. With an 18,000 square-foot showroom and custom framing facilities, we’re something to see! We have 30,000 limited edition prints, original paintings, sculptures, books, posters and porcelain figurines. Located at 7003 Center Street (between Rtes. 2 and 90), we’re here 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday or by appointment. The gallery is wheel chair accessible with free parking.

At Gallery One, we don’t make a fortune when we frame; we make a friend. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Summon Summer’s Warmth

El Niño notwithstanding, winter has just about worn out its welcome. While Mother Nature may still have a few more wallops up her sleeve, Shayna and I would like to suggest one sure way to bring summer into your world a bit early.

Our folks have a glorious new giclée canvas at Gallery One that captures a fleeting moment and radiates warmth and cheer. It’s by award-winning Canadian artist Michael Dumas. Entitled High Summer – Yellow Warbler, this artwork seems to glow from within.
Michael Dumas expresses the simple harmony of the everyday, revealing the beauty in ordinary sights that are often easily overlooked in our busy world. Michael even told Shayna and me all about what inspired him: “It is high summer, a time of green foliage and ripening fruit. A seemingly random movement of leaves in a large russet apple tree marks the foraging of some small bird, and I strain to see what it might be. The complex patterns of sunlight and shadow frustrate my attempts at making a clear sighting, but just as I am about to give up, a sudden burst of bright yellow appears quite close at hand. It is a transient thing though, and just as suddenly as it appears the yellow warbler was once again hidden in the depths of the tree. Gone from sight, but vividly impressed in memory, the act of painting re-creates a brief instant that can be savored at leisure.”

And once you see this little gem, you’ll understand.  (Every time Shayna see it, she just smiles…)
Shayna smiling

High Summer – Yellow Warbler is now available as a hand-signed giclée canvas published by Gallery Giclées’™ and part of the Michael Dumas exhibit at Gallery One. (When you come in to see it, be sure to stop and see US, too!)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Shayna and I love the holidays, so we thought we’d help spread the cheer with this week’s questions, all having to do with holiday-themed artwork. We hope your holidays are warm, happy and bright!

  1. This Gallery Giclées canvas by artist Jim Daly shows a little girl amidst holiday decorations and toys, but the present that she clearly treasures above all others is a kitten (probably a rescue like us). Name the artwork.
  2. Victorian Christmas I by this artist is a nostalgic, idyllic scene, complete with carolers, friends and family gathered together in celebration before a Victorian mansion. Name the artist.
  3. This print, Arctic Family – Polar Bears, reminds us of the Coca-Cola bears. Two fuzzy white Arctic cubs stay close to their mom as she pauses on the pack ice. Name the Canadian artist.
  4. Everyone wants to go home for the holidays. This original painting, entitled Our Home, depicts a group of Native Americans, riding toward their spirit encampment, a group of teepees aglow in the snow that seems to touch the heavens. (And did you know that this artist was an assistant coach for the Cleveland Browns back in the day with Sam Rutigliano! Dog pound, woof! But I digress…) Name the artist.
  5. They used to say that behind every successful man is a great woman. But we know that it’s an equal partnership. And the same is true of Santa Claus. Do you think he could possibly pull off a feat like he does, year after year, if it weren’t for MRS. Claus? Heck no! This artist knows it, too. That’s why he created this delightful porcelain figurine of Mrs. Claus. Name the artist.
  6. This artist was a native of northeast Ohio, famous for his watercolors of rural life. In this original painting, the trees are heavily coated with fresh snow, the sun is shining, casting intricate shadows, and a solitary bunny pauses to admire his surroundings. The title of the painting is Snow Bunny. Name the artist.
  7. This artist and children’s author painted a magical flying ship. It is used to help Father Christmas distribute gifts on Christmas Eve with the help of a boy named Joey, Sam the toymaker and animated toys. Name the Gallery Giclées canvas by Dean Morrissey (it’s also the title of his 2000 book).
  8. This limited edition, Observing Christmas, depicts a dog looking out the door to the porch where a Christmas tree awaits. Name the artist. (Christmas bonus: It’s the same answer as number 3 above…You’re welcome!)
  9. This Gallery Giclées canvas, Christmas Town Frolic, depicts an old-fashioned town with horses and carriages and cozy shops, festive with holiday cheer. Name the artist who grew up in Elyria.
  10. Happy New Year! Did you know that a dusting of snow on New Year’s Day means twelve months of good luck in China? This artist, whose original painting is entitled New Year’s Snow, was born in Shanghai. What is his name?

  1. Will Bullas
  2. Jim Ptacek
  3. James Christensen
  4. Jim Daly
  5. Three
  6. Lynn Kaatz
  7. No charge; it’s FREE!
  8. Dean Morrissey
  9. Embellishing or enhancing
  10. Books, apparel, Christmas ornaments, figurines, frames, collector plates

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fun Finds only at Gallery One!

Some people think that art galleries are stuffy places where artsy people speak in hushed tones, but if you’ve been to Gallery One, you know that we’re about as pretentious as a basket of puppies. In addition to excellent customer service, we pride ourselves on being family friendly, with a play corner for little ones and a help-yourself coffee pot for grown-ups (not to mention being greeted by two of the cutest Lakeland Terriers you’re ever going to see). But did you know about all of the other cool things we offer, in addition to art?

  1. BOOKS! We have a large assortment – coffee table books as well as kids’ books. If you want to share some smiles with people of all ages, Shayna and I recommend this volume entitled A Fool Moon. (It has a foreword by movie star Doris Day.) Name the artist whose comical work this book features.
  2. APPAREL! This award-winning Cleveland photographer has close “ties” to the city, and has photographed its major monuments, some of which are featured on men’s fashion neckties. Name this artist.
  3. CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS! This artist’s work graces a set of ornaments perfect for your tree, such as Lute Player, Horn Blower and Christmas Angel. Can you name the artist?
  4. FIGURINES! This artist, known for his endearing and nostalgic paintings of children from yesteryear, also has a wonderful line of figurines that capture some of his works such as Red Scooter. Name the artist.
  5. FRAMES! No FABRIC-ated discounts or crazy coupons, for the love of Mike! But you’ll get the best quality and value for your dollar with our custom or ready-made frames. We can frame just about anything and have, from original paintings to a LeBron James jersey, and we do it expertly. Here’s a question “About Us.” How many CPFs (Certified Picture Framers) does Gallery One have on-staff?
  6. COLLECTOR PLATES! This artist’s wonderful ceramic plates make appreciated gifts. Shayna and I are rather partial to the ones featuring different dog breeds, such as Shirt Tales – The Cocker Spaniel. Name the artist.
  7. FEEL FREE TO HANG WITH US! (We’ll bring the hammer and nails.) Did you know that we offer expert design advice and FREE installation of your Gallery One purchase? Our design consultant will deliver it in the local area and hang it at no cost. Trick question: What’s the charge for this invaluable service?
  8. AUTOGRAPHS, SELFIES AND BRAGGING RIGHTS. If you’re on our email list, you’ll get advance notice inviting you to attend our fabulous Artist Shows. Rub elbows with the world’s most prestigious contemporary artists. Get their autographs, have artwork personalized and talk and take photos with them! Name the artist appearing at Gallery One on Dec. 4 & 5.
  9. FREE HIGHLIGHTING FOR KINKADE COLLECTORS. When you purchase a Thomas Kinkade canvas at Gallery One, you can have it highlighted free of charge by a professional Kinkade Master Highlighter Artist. Gallery One holds two highlighting events each year. Highlighted canvases are given added dimension. No two highlighted canvases are ever alike, and each receives a Certificate of Highlighting. We are “Frequently Asked” what are other terms for highlighting?
  10. DAZZLED BY SO MANY FUN FINDS? Here’s one more “Category” to consider at Gallery One – Gift Certificates! You can make any occasion extra special for someone with a Gallery One Gift Certificate to use for any of the fun finds described above. So just for fun, name two of them!

  1. Thomas Kinkade
  2. Michael Dumas
  3. Back of the Old Truck
  4. Bonnie Marris
  5. The Dreamer’s Trunk
  6. Loyalty
  7. John Weiss
  8. Rodel Gonzalez
  9. Robert Sarsony
  10. Shepherds Farm

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanks a million!

As former rescues lucky enough to find a great home, Shayna and I have LOADS to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. And a special THANK YOU to all of our friends who stop in to scratch our ears and follow us on my Facebook page: This week, we thought that art would be a fun way to show those things for which we’re especially grateful. See if you can find all ten, and thanks for playing!
  1. When our folks hit the road, we love to go along. So many places to see, things to sniff! That’s why we’re thankful for pet-friendly lodging. We’re not sure, but we bet that Lamplight Manor is just the kind of place that would welcome four-legged guests. Name the artist.
  2. We’re thankful for squirrels and chipmunks that dare us to chase them. That’s why we love Casual Balance. It’s so realistic, with that chipmunk acting so nonchalant. You know that he wants to play. Who is the artist?
  3. What’s more fun than a ride in the car? A ride in the truck, with the breeze blowing your ears back, that’s what! Artist Jim Daly totally gets it. What’s the title of his giclée canvas depicting a dog and his boy, ready for a ride?
  4. Have you ever been so happy that you want to sing? (We have, and I must say, we sound awesome.) Sing-Out depicts two of our relatives, happily howling. Do you know who the artist is?
  5. What toy was your very favorite – the one you loved and were so thankful for? I love my stuffed gorilla; Shayna prefers her squeaky. Artist Dean Morrissey knows that favorite playthings are the stuff of dreams. Those dreams don’t just disappear. The Sandman gathers them for safekeeping. What is the name of his giclée canvas depicting the Sandman’s storage chest?
  6. How do you thank someone who means the world to you? Ask Shayna; I’d do anything for my dad. That includes waiting by the door whenever he leaves. I’m not happy until I hear him returning. There’s a term for that kind of devotion, and it’s the title of artist Jocelyn Russell’s limited edition bronze sculpture of dog. What is it called?
  7. Shayna and I are thankful for the time spent with those we love. Whether you have four legs or only two, special moments are not to be taken for granted. The limited edition print, Making Memories, is a perfect example. Name the artist.
  8. We are thankful to live near the beautiful Lake Erie shoreline. Humans love the awesome sunsets; we dogs just like to splash in the waves. Whichever makes you happy, nothing captures the mood like the giclée canvas Golden Sunset. Who painted this beautiful image?
  9. It seems like only yesterday when we were young pups…so many happy recollections! This artist has a real appreciation for some of the things that made him happy when he was a boy in the 1940s. The title of his original painting is Vintage Memories. Name the artist.
  10. Don’t you love rides in the country, especially in the fall? We love it when our folks take us out for barn-hunt competitions to places just like the one in this giclée canvas by Lynn Kaatz depicting rural farms in a fall setting. Can you name the artwork?

  1. The Good Old Days
  2. Runnin’ the Table
  3. Tiki Hut Lounge
  4. Paul Calle
  5. The Flat Iron Café
  6. John Weiss
  7. Scott Jacobs
  8. Voyage of the Fianna
  9. Stephen Lyman
  10. Robert Bateman

Friday, November 20, 2015

Former refugee becomes a force for global health

Norah Lynne and Alan Brown, Gallery One owners, are justly proud of their grandson-in law, Phuoc Le.  You may recall Erin, the cute blonde who helped out at the gallery during her elementary and secondary school days.  Today, Erin and Phuoc reside in Berkeley CA and are the parents of Anya (3) and Jada (1 month). 

Top Docs - Meet our 2015 Top Hospitalists

From the November ACP Hospitalist, copyright © 2015 by the American College of Physicians
Welcome to our eighth annual Top Hospitalists issue! The physicians profiled on the following pages were nominated by their colleagues and chosen by ACP Hospitalist's editorial board for their accomplishments in areas of hospitalist practice such as patient care, quality improvement, and medical education. Read on to learn about their achievements and innovations, and make a note to nominate any top docs you know next summer. Note: ACP Hospitalist's Top Hospitalists feature is not part of the ACP National Awards Program.

Phuoc Le, MD
Age: 38
Medical school: Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, Calif.
Residency: Harvard Medical School (Brigham and Women's Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital)
Title: Assistant professor of medicine and pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco; Assistant professor of public health, University of California, Berkeley

Phuoc Le, MD,'s path from a rural village in Vietnam to the halls of Harvard and Stanford is a classic example of how the American dream is supposed to play out. He was born just after the end of the Vietnam War, and one of his earliest memories is fleeing the country with his mother on a small fishing boat en route to Hong Kong and eventual political asylum in the United States.

“We lived in housing projects in Wichita, Kan., and then went to live near relatives in Sacramento,” said Dr. Le. “I went to a gang-ridden high school where achievement was not the norm, but my siblings and I got through it because we were grateful for the chance just to go to school.”

Dr. Le went on to attend some of the most revered schools in the country, including completing a combined medicine, pediatrics, and global health equity residency at Harvard Medical School in Boston, where he worked under Partners in Health cofounder Paul Farmer, MD. The 5-year residency program, which included stints in Haiti, Rwanda, and other poor countries, cemented his passion for global health.

“I wanted to do more than see patients at the ends of their lives when diseases have become irreversible,” said Dr. Le, who also holds a master's degree in public health and is fluent in Vietnamese, Chinese, and Spanish. “Working with Paul, I saw firsthand how global health is practiced and how the root causes of diseases—such as access to running water and electricity—are addressed.”

His experiences set the stage for becoming a full-time hospitalist, with an emphasis on global health, said Dr. Le. His work with Partners in Health taught him about the value of working in teams to improve systems, skills that are readily transferable to hospital medicine.

At the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Dr. Le helped to initiate a Global Health Core within the hospital medicine division. The group has grown from 5 to 12 faculty members and also launched the nation's first Hospital Medicine-Global Health Fellowship, establishing UCSF as a leader in the emerging field.

“When Phuoc joined UCSF, we had a few hospitalists interested in global health and had set up small initiatives in Africa, Asia, and China,” said Bradley Sharpe, MD, UCSF's associate chief of hospital medicine. “Phuoc's arrival changed everything, and we now have become a magnet for hospitalists with this interest.”

Dr. Le and his team make regular trips to a hospital in Hinche, Haiti, where they have maintained a close partnership since the 2010 earthquake. They also visit rural hospitals in India, Liberia, and Nepal several times a year, where they have global health fellows working with partner organizations to strengthen health systems.

One of Dr. Le's most successful recent initiatives is the UCSF Global Health Boot Camp, a 4-day CME course that teaches strategies for working in the developing world to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and others. The first course in 2014 attracted so much interest that some applicants had to be turned away. Dr. Le also established the Health, Equity, Action, and Leadership, or HEAL, initiative, a 2-year fellowship for physicians, nurses, and pharmacists that involves working in underserved domestic, as well as international, communities.

“Every fellow spends half of their time in the Navajo Nation in New Mexico or Arizona, where there is a staggeringly high prevalence of diabetes, hypertension, liver disease, and other problems,” said Dr. Le. “Many of the root causes of disease we see in developing countries are also happening here.”

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Art for the Man Cave

Clancy here. A few weeks back, I agreed to let Shayna pick the topic. In return, she agreed to let me choose a future topic, so listen up, guys: This week, we’re going to explore art that will enhance that most Hallowed of Hang-outs…the Man Cave! (That’s me in the photo above, getting all buff in my man cave.) And ladies, take note: all of the artwork described below are selections that you will both love.

  1. This colorful print, an original giclée evolved photograph on canvas by my Papa, Alan Brown, depicts the famous strip in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio’s first resort town. A great place for summer cruising where you can ride your Hog and bring your dog, it boasts arcades, restaurants, nightlife, fishing, boating and more. What’s the title of this fun panorama?
  2. If your man cave includes a pool table, then you can definitely relate. It’s every pool shooter’s dream: to call all the balls and win the game in one turn. That’s the subject of this giclée canvas by artist Tim Rogerson. What is the title?
  3. Some fun lovers are referred to as party animals (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Artist Will Bullas presents a group of such drinking buddies in tropical attire, gathered at the local Polynesian tavern. Name this fun giclée canvas.
  4. This artist was known for his riveting portraits of the trappers and mountain men of the early 1800s. A self-sufficient breed of men, they lived off the land, blazing the trails, discovering mountain passages and navigating unnamed rivers. Most of them died as they lived, alone, with their stories unrecorded and their discoveries unsung. In the limited edition print View from the Heights one such hardy individual surveys the terrain. Who was the artist?
  5. If you were a sailor or longshoreman looking for a place to stay in Cleveland in 1910, this Irish establishment would have been a popular choice. More than 100 years later, it’s still the go-to place in the Flats for food, fun and spirits. Immortalized as a signed and numbered serigraph by Jim Ptacek, what is the name of this serigraph (and restaurant)?
  6. If you’d rather be fishing than doing almost anything else, this captivating original oil entitled In the Fog belongs on your wall. Two men and a dog make their way through the gloom in a canoe, their passage illuminated only by lantern light. What is the title?
  7. What’s more American than red, white and blue? How about a red, white and blue officially licensed Harley-Davidson poster? (How cool would that be on the wall of your exclusive domain?) Name the artist whose fine art poster is entitled Made in the U.S.A.
  8. All hands on deck! According to mythology, this ship is said have transported an immortal band of Celtic warriors on their voyages between the real world and the afterlife. The artist is Dean Morrissey. What is the title of this stirring giclée canvas?
  9. Embers at Dawn is the limited edition print that will make you want to hit the road with your camping gear. Last night’s campfire, now glowing embers, contrasts with the pink-tinged sky of a new day, reflected in the water. Name the artist.
  10. Sportsmen will be captivated by Evening Snowfall – American Elk. It depicts a magnificent bull elk in his natural habitat, watching as his herd makes its way down a mountain slope in the falling snow. Name the artist.


  1. Original painting
  2. Original lithograph
  3. Offset lithography or offset printing
  4. Giclée
  5. Canvas transfer
  6. Signed and Numbered
  7. Open edition
  8. Artist’s Proofs
  9. Fine art poster
  10. Remarque