Thursday, June 14, 2018


Clancy here. Ah, summer! Shana and I just saw our first lightning bug of the season last night! Twinkling at dusk, just as the street lights came on, they signal the longer days to come. And the longer days of summer make it the perfect time to get everyone outdoors and get creative!

If you’re looking for ways to stimulate your kids’ creativity now that school is out, we have some fun projects that you can try. Best of all, the family dog can participate! (Now everyone can have fun!)


Dip your pup’s paw in pet-safe paint, then gently press the paw on paper. Have the kids paint stems and leaves. Add a frame, and you have a great gift for grandparents!


If you have a collection of white seashells gathered from vacation, you have lots of little blank canvases from which to work. (Or get a bag of shells from your craft store as well as some washable kid’s paint, and let the kids paint the shells.) When the paint has dried, the shells can be glued to magnets, wreathes, barrettes, etc. Or use their natural color to enhance flower pots and picture frames.


Gather the kids and grab the dog for a walk in the woods. Collect pine cones and sticks you find along the way. You’ll also need small screw eyes and twine or yarn. You can paint the sticks with craft paint for extra color. Attach a screw eye to the end of each stick or pine cone. Thread yarn or twine through the screw eyes, and tie them to a stick. Hang on your porch or in a tree and watch them dance in the breeze.

Have some great ideas to share? Send them to us, and we’ll post them in our Blog!  Happy summer!


Clancy & Shayna

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