Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Clancy here. 

Our dad, Alan Brown, is a man of many talents. Sure, he’s a world famous photographer and president of Gallery One, but did you know the man is also an Auctioneer?

I’m not kidding – give him a gavel and he starts to speak in a rapid-fire Southern drawl. He’s a hoot, but the best part is all the cool stuff that you can acquire at his auctions.

Right now, Gallery One is having an online auction, and the art treasures are FLYING out the door as you read this! And I feel that as your Patron of the Arfs, I need to make you aware of this remarkable opportunity!

Why? Because you can $ave money on works by your favorite artists! Scoring a deal on an art treasure is a real adrenaline rush. Plus, you never know what will be offered unless you participate.  (And just imagine how impressed your friends will be when they see what you’ve managed to snag.)

Check out our auction listings at for all the details and get ready to bid!

Believe me, you’ll thank me when you do. (And if you feel compelled to reward us with treats the next time you stop in, feel free.)


Clancy & Shayna

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