Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Time to turn over a new leaf!

Clancy and I love the fall – the crunchy leaves and cool days are just made for hiking in the woods. And because autumn is one of the most colorful seasons of the year, it’s a favorite subject for many artists. Here are ten examples. See if you can find all of them!

  1. Anthony Eaton Cook, the famous artist, author, naturalist and photographer, is the grandson of Anthony Wayne Cook who deeded the land for Cook Forest State Park to Pennsylvania. Name his magical giclée photograph depicting a cascading forest waterfall surrounded by fiery fall foliage.
  2. Artist Terry Isaac painted the passing of summer and beginning of fall with a bull moose casting a reflection in the water. The sunlight illuminates the evergreens and the foliage that has just begun to turn golden. Name this limited edition.
  3. “There’s gold in them thar hills!” Mark Twain wrote about the rush for gold in California. But Western hills boast another kind of gold as seen in this beautiful artwork by Rod Frederick. It depicts a Western landscape – snow-capped mountains, silvery blue sagebrush, majestic elk and touches of sunlit gold. Be the first to name this limited edition print.
  4. In the Rockies, September cloaks the mountains in gold. The bellows of bull elk can be heard reverberating throughout the wilderness. John Banovich portrays this thrilling scenario in his limited edition. What is it called…what is it called?
  5. It’s as though this squirrel knew how cute he was and posed for the artist. Nibbling on a nut, his tail fluffed above his head, he balances on a high branch, perfectly framed by yellow leaves. Name this charming giclée canvas signed by Carl Brenders.
  6. You have to look hard to spot the white-tail deer in this forest! He stands alert – looking for a mate, watching for rivals and wary of hunters. Robert Bateman shows the depth of the forest, leading your eye from the foreground through the misty recesses. What is the title of this limited edition print?
  7. The trees cast long autumn shadows at day’s end. They are tinged in copper and gold, as the sun yields to the moon in this original oil painting by artist Mo Dafeng. Name the artwork.
  8. In this talented artist’s hands, a pencil becomes a paintbrush. With his meticulous attention to detail, Ryan Jacque can create compelling portraits of the wonders of nature. In this giclée canvas, two little robins try to keep warm on a bare branch by ruffling and plumping their feathers against the cold. What is the title of this giclée canvas?
  9. Artist Bonnie Marris has had a lifelong fascination with wolves, and it shows in her artwork. Backlit amidst autumn foliage, a wolf peers out, watching something in the distance. Look closely – the wolf is not is not alone! Name this limited edition giclée canvas.
  10. It’s a fine fall day in the country. People are gathered at the station, carriages await and the express is right on time. Name this colorful autumn scene by artist Lynn Kaatz.

  1. Brian Davis
  2. Andrew Atroshenko
  3. Rod Frederick
  4. Florian Lawton
  5. Dwayne Hickman
  6. Rob Gonsalves
  7. James Coleman
  8. William Phillips
  9. Charles Wysocki
  10. Mo Dafeng

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