Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Art for the Man Cave

Clancy here. A few weeks back, I agreed to let Shayna pick the topic. In return, she agreed to let me choose a future topic, so listen up, guys: This week, we’re going to explore art that will enhance that most Hallowed of Hang-outs…the Man Cave! (That’s me in the photo above, getting all buff in my man cave.) And ladies, take note: all of the artwork described below are selections that you will both love.

  1. This colorful print, an original giclée evolved photograph on canvas by my Papa, Alan Brown, depicts the famous strip in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio’s first resort town. A great place for summer cruising where you can ride your Hog and bring your dog, it boasts arcades, restaurants, nightlife, fishing, boating and more. What’s the title of this fun panorama?
  2. If your man cave includes a pool table, then you can definitely relate. It’s every pool shooter’s dream: to call all the balls and win the game in one turn. That’s the subject of this giclée canvas by artist Tim Rogerson. What is the title?
  3. Some fun lovers are referred to as party animals (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Artist Will Bullas presents a group of such drinking buddies in tropical attire, gathered at the local Polynesian tavern. Name this fun giclée canvas.
  4. This artist was known for his riveting portraits of the trappers and mountain men of the early 1800s. A self-sufficient breed of men, they lived off the land, blazing the trails, discovering mountain passages and navigating unnamed rivers. Most of them died as they lived, alone, with their stories unrecorded and their discoveries unsung. In the limited edition print View from the Heights one such hardy individual surveys the terrain. Who was the artist?
  5. If you were a sailor or longshoreman looking for a place to stay in Cleveland in 1910, this Irish establishment would have been a popular choice. More than 100 years later, it’s still the go-to place in the Flats for food, fun and spirits. Immortalized as a signed and numbered serigraph by Jim Ptacek, what is the name of this serigraph (and restaurant)?
  6. If you’d rather be fishing than doing almost anything else, this captivating original oil entitled In the Fog belongs on your wall. Two men and a dog make their way through the gloom in a canoe, their passage illuminated only by lantern light. What is the title?
  7. What’s more American than red, white and blue? How about a red, white and blue officially licensed Harley-Davidson poster? (How cool would that be on the wall of your exclusive domain?) Name the artist whose fine art poster is entitled Made in the U.S.A.
  8. All hands on deck! According to mythology, this ship is said have transported an immortal band of Celtic warriors on their voyages between the real world and the afterlife. The artist is Dean Morrissey. What is the title of this stirring giclée canvas?
  9. Embers at Dawn is the limited edition print that will make you want to hit the road with your camping gear. Last night’s campfire, now glowing embers, contrasts with the pink-tinged sky of a new day, reflected in the water. Name the artist.
  10. Sportsmen will be captivated by Evening Snowfall – American Elk. It depicts a magnificent bull elk in his natural habitat, watching as his herd makes its way down a mountain slope in the falling snow. Name the artist.


  1. Original painting
  2. Original lithograph
  3. Offset lithography or offset printing
  4. Giclée
  5. Canvas transfer
  6. Signed and Numbered
  7. Open edition
  8. Artist’s Proofs
  9. Fine art poster
  10. Remarque

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