Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It's time to face the music!

“A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.” - Leopold Stokowski

And sometimes, artists paint music on canvas. So this week, Shayna and I thought it would be fun to explore artwork that celebrates music! (And that’s me, serenading Shayna in the picture shown here.)

  1. Leopold Stokowski, quoted above, conducted the classical music in the animated Disney film Fantasia. And this famous American artist, known as “The Painter of Light,” depicted Mickey Mouse as the sorcerer’s apprentice, orchestrating the magical dance in a dazzling giclée entitled Fantasia. Name this artist.
  2. Nashville is the home of country music, and the Grand Ole Opry is where all country musicians hope to perform someday, including this little guy. Sitting on a porch swing, he’s barely big enough to hold the guitar. But every aspiring musician has to start somewhere, including The Budding Star. Who is the artist?
  3. Award-winning photographer Alan Brown restored a historic old photograph to create this nostalgic giclée canvas. It features a band of musicians, gathered under a gazebo in Painesville, OH in the late 1800s. What is the title?
  4. In this limited edition giclée canvas, a jazz funeral procession makes its way through Jackson Square in New Orleans, accompanied by a group of street musicians who join in the tribute. Name the artist who painted New Orleans: Celebrating Life, Death and the Pursuit of Happiness.
  5. Artist Dean Morrissey also plays guitar. Being a musician, it’s no wonder that this little chipmunk that he painted can play a symphony of starry notes on his clarinet. What is the name of this delightful giclée canvas?
  6. Cleveland rocks, and we have the Hall of Fame to prove it! Photographer Jim Ptacek is known for his iconic photos of Cleveland landmarks, some of which are featured in this commemorative fine art poster that pays tribute to many rock legends from the 1950s. What is the title?
  7. Some birds sing, but not these large white waterfowl, with long graceful necks. They mate for life, and as part of their courtship ritual, they whistle, as depicted in this striking limited edition print by artist Robert Bateman. Name the title of this artwork.
  8. Artist Tim Rogerson has said that he gets ideas for his paintings from experiencing life, going places and meeting people such as these. What is the title of his giclée canvas featuring three extremely colorful musicians?
  9. This intriguing limited edition giclée canvas by artist J. Scott Nicol combines volumes of art history with pop culture, depicting two of the Beatles. What is the title?
  10. Ohio wildlife artist David Wenzel painted a lone wolf, howling his song in the snowy woods. What is the title of this dramatic original painting?

  1. Edna Hibel
  2. Rowenna
  3. Cassandra Barney (James Christensen)
  4. June Carey
  5. Diana Weber Gardner
  6. Bev Doolittle
  7. Jane Jones
  8. Nita Engle
  9. Cassandra Gillens
  10. Behold

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