Wednesday, October 21, 2015

It's all in the details!

Art – you can look at art again and again and spot hidden details you never noticed. That gave Shayna and me an idea. We thought it would be fun to go outside in camo and see if our folks could find us. It would have worked too, had we made it past this flowered rug. So we thought it would be fun to test your powers of observation and see how many details you can spot in the artwork described in this week’s installment of ArtSmartz. (If you get stumped, don’t go chasing your tail over details; we’ll post the answers next week.)
  1. Speaking of camouflage, artist Bev Doolittle is famous for her art with hidden elements. In The Forest Has Eyes a lone rider has the feeling he is being watched. How many faces are hidden in the forest?
  2. Robert Bateman traveled to Kenya where he saw a herd of wildebeests, just as the sun was setting. His painting, Wildebeest at Sunset was published in England, but many of the prints were destroyed in shipment to the U.S. Gallery One is lucky to have gotten this rare print. See if you can count how many wildebeest it depicts.
  3. In Dean Morrissey’s giclée canvas, The Dreamer’s Trunk, we see the Sandman with his collection of remnants from children’s dreams, gathered for safekeeping. In his trunk are more than 100 such items. Name five of them.
  4. Wildlife artist Carl Brenders paints details like no one else. In his giclée canvas Colorful Playground, two cottontail rabbits are surrounded by dandelions, a common flowering edible plant in Europe and North America. Five of the blooms have gone to seed; how many are fully opened?
  5. Wiped Out by artist Jim Daly is a giclée canvas of three little boys shooting marbles while their dog waits patiently. How many marbles can you find?
  6. Artist Lynn Kaatz’s colorful giclée canvas Main Street Town shows a bustling street scene. Name six of the establishments it depicts.
  7. James Christensen is known for his imaginative artwork. His new giclée canvas, Old Man with a Lot on His Mind illustrates just a few of the life experiences in the memory of someone who has lived a long life. Name seven of the things that are on this man’s mind.
  8. Whooo can correctly name the three different owl species in the giclée canvas entitled Kinship by Michael Dumas?
  9. Artist Rowenna’s giclée canvas Sand and Sea beckons you to its inviting beach. How many gulls are there?
  10. Artist Zac Kinkade’s limited edition print Noah’s Ark shows the myriad creatures safely ashore after the Great Flood. See if you can find the giant tortoise pair.

  1. Thomas Kinkade
  2. Jim Daly
  3. Citizens Band
  4. Steve Hanks
  5. Minstrel in the Mill
  6. From Out of the Fifties – Rock and Roll
  7. Courting Pair – Whistling Swans
  8. Three Black Ties
  9. The Library
  10. Solitary Voice

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