Wednesday, August 1, 2018


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At the end of a day spent greeting Gallery guests and begging for treats, one of our favorite things to do is to pile on top of our folks’ bed and demand a bedtime story!  Like most kids, we love to imagine the kings and queens, enchanted castles, brave knights and beautiful princesses of our favorite fairy tales. We get all caught up in the magic of ‘once upon a time’ and picture ourselves surrounded by castle turrets and fairy Godmothers.

Art does the same thing. Without words, it can pull you into its magic, instantly capturing your imagination. And that’s what artist Scott Gustafson does so well. His colorful, enchanting paintings of stories passed down through the ages transport you to the land of long ago and far away.

Originally, Scott wanted to be an animator. Over the years he accepted commissions as a freelance illustrator for Celestial Seasonings, Playboy, Saturday Evening Post, The Bradford Exchange and DreamWorks. But Scott loved to tell stories with his art, eventually coming to the realization that being an illustrator is “about the best job there is.”  

In 2015, Scott Gustafson was recognized as being one of the best illustrators there is. He won the Grand Master Award from Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, an organization that celebrates and promotes fantastic art, its creators and the creative community. And we are delighted to announce that Gallery Giclées has just released four fabulous images by this celebrated artist!

Each canvas is hand-signed by Scott Gustafson. His colorful and imaginative artwork will enchant both the young and young at heart, making it the perfect choice for a child’s room or the family room where everyone gathers.

(Now listen up: Our folks gave us special permission to grant you a wish. If you order ANY of the four giclée canvases by Scott Gustafson shown here by Midnight, August 15, 2018, you will save 10%! So call or come in right away, and live happily ever after!)

Books illustrated by Scott Gustafson
The Night Before Christmas
Peter Pan
Animal Orchestra
Alphabet Soup
Classic Storybook Fables
Classic Bedtime Stories
Classic Fairy Tales*
Favorite Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose
Eddie: The Lost Youth of Edgar Allan Poe
  * Winner of the Chesley Award from the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists


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