Monday, January 8, 2018

Mark your calendar!

Clancy here, on the right.

We know what you’re thinking … The excitement of the holiday rush is over. The January doldrums have set in. There’s nothing more to celebrate until February…  (Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, etc.)  Sigh…

NOT so fast!

There are a number of other special (albeit obscure) occasions coming up. As your Gallery One Patrons of the Arfs, Shayna and I would be remiss if we did not remind you that we offer artwork to accommodate any and all festivities.

Such as, you may ask?


January 8 is National Bubble Bath Day.

Relax, warm up and get sudsy with Michael Godard and some strawberries! What could be more fun?

January 16 is Appreciate a Dragon Day.

And we say it’s high time!

With their cultural significance in legends and lore worldwide, dragons have earned a holiday of their own. (And thanks to their warm breath, no one who invites a dragon to a cook-out ever has to worry about grill failure.)

January 19 is National Popcorn Day.

Despite the major cinematic impact it has, year after year, the Academy continues to snub popcorn at the Oscars. But not artist Doug Bloodworth! He has immortalized this mouth-watering treat for your enjoyment.

January 20 is Penguin Awareness Day.

Were you aware that Gallery One has penguins? (We do.) Let’s celebrate!

January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Shayna and I truly appreciate squirrels. They won’t be ignored. They offer exercise opportunities year-round. They chatter endlessly, daring you to chase them, or test your driving skills, forcing you to swerve your car to avoid them. They empty your bird feeder so that the seed never has a chance to get stale. (You’re WELCOME.)

Artists Robert Bateman and Carl Brenders have seen fit to immortalize our flighty little tail-flicking friends for your pleasure.                                

January 31 is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day.

Life is an occasion worth celebrating, and art makes the celebration more enjoyable.  As you can see, Gallery One has something for everyone, every day. The above is just a small sample, no matter what the occasion. See more at

It may be cold outside, but you’ll find hot coffee and beautiful art to lift your spirits and warm your heart whenever you visit us. Stop in soon. Shayna and I will be waiting for you with more in store!


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