Monday, October 16, 2017

Celebrate the Season with the
  Inspired Art of Dean Morrissey! 

Artist Dean Morrissey’s annual Santa tribute is an eagerly awaited holiday tradition for his ever-growing legion of collectors.

Santa: Packed and Ready
by Dean Morrissey

23" x 31"
45 s/n
Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas
MORSAC   $695

15" x 20"
Open Edition
Giclée on Canvas
MORSAD   $95

As his devoted elves see to the last-minute details, Santa pauses for a moment before embarking on  his yearly journey during which he visits every child in the world, all in one magical night. Nothing is left to chance; lists are checked, last-minute presents are loaded aboard the sleigh, and navigational devices are tested. In the tradition of the Old Masters, Morrissey’s Santa is richly detailed. A light emanates from the venerable St. Nick, contrasted with the stillness of his surroundings as he pauses, perhaps to make his own wish for the Season.
 “Santa Claus is an adventurer, an explorer who travels the whole world. He has discovered the joy of giving to others and has devoted himself to the job he does so well.”  
– Dean Morrissey


The Christmas Ship 
by Dean Morrissey                 

Giclées on Canvas,
hand-signed by 
the artist

28" x 38"   MORCHW   $625
14” x 19”  MORCHV   $275

The resplendent art of Dean Morrissey, world renowned artist and best-selling children’s author, has dazzled art lovers for decades. A master story-teller, Morrissey paints ordinary objects in extraordinary settings, appealing to the child in everyone. He believes that the inclusion of familiar objects within a fantasy painting helps to make the magic more believable. With dramatic lighting and colors so rich and radiant, his canvases seem to glow from within, drawing the viewer into their enchantment.

When he turned his considerable talents to portraying Santa Claus, Morrissey brought to his paintings the particular brand of magic for which he is best known. Over the years, his Santa portraits have become widely sought-after by collectors.

Kris Kringle

by Dean Morrissey

Giclée on Canvas, 

hand-signed by the artist

7" x 6.25"

Santa Checking the Stars  
by Dean Morrissey

Giclées on Canvas,
hand-signed by the artist

24" x 20"    MORSAA   $395

16" x 12"    MORSAB   $245

Since 1992, Gallery One has been the main source for Morrissey’s original paintings and limited edition prints, including his renderings of Santa. “Morrissey’s Santa Claus portraits are timeless tributes to a beloved figure,” said Alan Brown, Gallery One president. “We hosted Dean’s first Gallery One exhibit in 1993. Art lovers came with their small children, and Dean took the time to talk to each child as he personalized their books and artwork. Over the years, they have continued to return, many now with children of their own, to greet Dean Morrissey each time he appears at Gallery One.”

Just Before Midnight byDean Morrissey

Giclées on Canvas,
hand-signed by the artist

24" x 24"

18" x 18"

12" x 12"

While still in elementary school, Morrissey’s limitless imagination led him to create his own tales. Inspired by comic book heroes and Disney matte paintings, he created and illustrated a cast of characters whose adventures took place around the walk-ups of his native Boston. After high school, he skipped college and worked a variety of jobs by day, including construction work, before becoming a lineman for the electric company. Inspired by the works of the masters – Rembrandt, Vermeer, Pyle and N.C. Wyeth – his nights were spent painting. A self-taught artist, Morrissey worked as a freelance book cover illustrator for a number of New York publishers for more than a dozen years. The demands and challenges of this period were his “art school,” and he won numerous awards and recognition for his art. He became a full-time artist in the late 70s, and in 1991, began a series of paintings for a collection of his own tales, set in the imaginary land of the Great Kettles.

Gallery One brought his incredible artwork to the attention of legendary art publisher Mill Pond Press who began to publish Morrissey’s sought-after limited edition prints and collaborated with Harry N. Abrams to publish his first book, Ship of Dreams. And, as they say, the rest is history. The book skyrocketed to fame. It was translated into several languages and sold more than 300,000 copies, becoming one of the best-selling children’s books of all time.  The amazing success of the book and its author were covered by major networks and national publications. The New York Times Book Review named Ship of Dreams one of the ten best illustrated children’s books of 1994. A series of books, all written and illustrated by Morrissey followed, as did more honors, awards and critical acclaim. Ship of Dreams was re-released in 2016, to the delight of book lovers everywhere, as well as Morrissey’s devoted fans and collectors.

Ship of Dreams byDean Morrissey

Gallery One Collector’s Set

Hardcover book
with framed 6.25” x 7”
giclée canvas

MORBON   $150

And so it is no wonder that Dean Morrissey’s lavishly rendered portraits of Santa Claus have become a highly anticipated holiday tradition for thousands. Just like the Christmas tree, Morrissey’s Santa portraits add a festive touch to brighten the season, lifting the spirits of all who see them.

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