Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Summon Summer’s Warmth

El Niño notwithstanding, winter has just about worn out its welcome. While Mother Nature may still have a few more wallops up her sleeve, Shayna and I would like to suggest one sure way to bring summer into your world a bit early.

Our folks have a glorious new giclée canvas at Gallery One that captures a fleeting moment and radiates warmth and cheer. It’s by award-winning Canadian artist Michael Dumas. Entitled High Summer – Yellow Warbler, this artwork seems to glow from within.
Michael Dumas expresses the simple harmony of the everyday, revealing the beauty in ordinary sights that are often easily overlooked in our busy world. Michael even told Shayna and me all about what inspired him: “It is high summer, a time of green foliage and ripening fruit. A seemingly random movement of leaves in a large russet apple tree marks the foraging of some small bird, and I strain to see what it might be. The complex patterns of sunlight and shadow frustrate my attempts at making a clear sighting, but just as I am about to give up, a sudden burst of bright yellow appears quite close at hand. It is a transient thing though, and just as suddenly as it appears the yellow warbler was once again hidden in the depths of the tree. Gone from sight, but vividly impressed in memory, the act of painting re-creates a brief instant that can be savored at leisure.”

And once you see this little gem, you’ll understand.  (Every time Shayna see it, she just smiles…)
Shayna smiling

High Summer – Yellow Warbler is now available as a hand-signed giclée canvas published by Gallery Giclées’™ and part of the Michael Dumas exhibit at Gallery One. (When you come in to see it, be sure to stop and see US, too!)

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