Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fun Finds only at Gallery One!

Some people think that art galleries are stuffy places where artsy people speak in hushed tones, but if you’ve been to Gallery One, you know that we’re about as pretentious as a basket of puppies. In addition to excellent customer service, we pride ourselves on being family friendly, with a play corner for little ones and a help-yourself coffee pot for grown-ups (not to mention being greeted by two of the cutest Lakeland Terriers you’re ever going to see). But did you know about all of the other cool things we offer, in addition to art?

  1. BOOKS! We have a large assortment – coffee table books as well as kids’ books. If you want to share some smiles with people of all ages, Shayna and I recommend this volume entitled A Fool Moon. (It has a foreword by movie star Doris Day.) Name the artist whose comical work this book features.
  2. APPAREL! This award-winning Cleveland photographer has close “ties” to the city, and has photographed its major monuments, some of which are featured on men’s fashion neckties. Name this artist.
  3. CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS! This artist’s work graces a set of ornaments perfect for your tree, such as Lute Player, Horn Blower and Christmas Angel. Can you name the artist?
  4. FIGURINES! This artist, known for his endearing and nostalgic paintings of children from yesteryear, also has a wonderful line of figurines that capture some of his works such as Red Scooter. Name the artist.
  5. FRAMES! No FABRIC-ated discounts or crazy coupons, for the love of Mike! But you’ll get the best quality and value for your dollar with our custom or ready-made frames. We can frame just about anything and have, from original paintings to a LeBron James jersey, and we do it expertly. Here’s a question “About Us.” How many CPFs (Certified Picture Framers) does Gallery One have on-staff?
  6. COLLECTOR PLATES! This artist’s wonderful ceramic plates make appreciated gifts. Shayna and I are rather partial to the ones featuring different dog breeds, such as Shirt Tales – The Cocker Spaniel. Name the artist.
  7. FEEL FREE TO HANG WITH US! (We’ll bring the hammer and nails.) Did you know that we offer expert design advice and FREE installation of your Gallery One purchase? Our design consultant will deliver it in the local area and hang it at no cost. Trick question: What’s the charge for this invaluable service?
  8. AUTOGRAPHS, SELFIES AND BRAGGING RIGHTS. If you’re on our email list, you’ll get advance notice inviting you to attend our fabulous Artist Shows. Rub elbows with the world’s most prestigious contemporary artists. Get their autographs, have artwork personalized and talk and take photos with them! Name the artist appearing at Gallery One on Dec. 4 & 5.
  9. FREE HIGHLIGHTING FOR KINKADE COLLECTORS. When you purchase a Thomas Kinkade canvas at Gallery One, you can have it highlighted free of charge by a professional Kinkade Master Highlighter Artist. Gallery One holds two highlighting events each year. Highlighted canvases are given added dimension. No two highlighted canvases are ever alike, and each receives a Certificate of Highlighting. We are “Frequently Asked” what are other terms for highlighting?
  10. DAZZLED BY SO MANY FUN FINDS? Here’s one more “Category” to consider at Gallery One – Gift Certificates! You can make any occasion extra special for someone with a Gallery One Gift Certificate to use for any of the fun finds described above. So just for fun, name two of them!

  1. Thomas Kinkade
  2. Michael Dumas
  3. Back of the Old Truck
  4. Bonnie Marris
  5. The Dreamer’s Trunk
  6. Loyalty
  7. John Weiss
  8. Rodel Gonzalez
  9. Robert Sarsony
  10. Shepherds Farm

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