Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Have We Gone to the Dogs?!

Most of you already know we’ve taken on the challenge of integrating another Lakeland Terrorist – er, I mean Terrier into our pack.  Now with the two of them with their dog-whisperer at Boot Camp for two weeks, we have high hopes of smoothing the wrinkles out of this transition. . .as long as Alan Brown attends too!

Even more exciting though, is that we are proud and extremely excited to announce that award-winning artist, Linda Daniels, has agreed to accept commissions in oil for our clients!  A favorite of Gallery One collectors, Linda Daniels is a Masterworks in Miniature “People’s Choice” winner. Her portraits of dogs, cats and people are sought-after by savvy collectors everywhere.   She can work from your photos, so the portrait can be of a current pet or a remembrance of one from the past.  We’ll “book” these portraits on a “first come, first served” basis. . .so call us ASAP.  A deposit of just one-third is required.  Her quality is second to none, she understands the importance of deadlines and her prices are very friendly.

An accomplished artist, Linda Daniels, was born in 1945. She was named Artist of the Year by the Timberwolf Alliance and by Ducks Unlimited. She has exhibited in the Arts for the Parks Top 100 Tour, as well as the China Exhibition. Her art has been featured in The Best of Wildlife Art and on the covers of Wildlife Art and Collector's Mart Magazines. 

You’ll find samples of her work at  Call 800.621.1141 or 440.255.1200 for more information or to book your commission.  That's all for now!

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