Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Original Art

Art collectors have long had the choice of purchasing art on paper or art on canvas. The paper art included original works such as watercolors, pastels, pencil or ink drawings, lithos, serigraphs and etchings....and canvases were mainly acrylic, oil and mixed-media.  Some artists tend to gravitate toward one medium, while others like to vary their offerings.  But paper and canvas are not the only things used on which to paint.  Oil can be used on panel, board and even silk; and don't forget the whole area of sculptural materials! 

To collectors, the difference between original art work and prints is huge, even though aesthetically, there may not be much difference. Purchasing authentic original art can be as simple as choosing something you adore.  Whether the piece appreciates over time should be immaterial to the purchase decision, as there is never a guarantee that a given piece (original or print) will rise in value. 

The reasons to purchase original art include owning something unique, having a piece actually created by an artist you admire, providing a focal point in a room and a great conversation starter or simply the satisfaction of owning something of quality.  Even if the piece is not large, purchasing original art conveys an impression of wealth.  Clearly, the owner can afford to buy what they like; original artwork.

Gallery One’s famed Masterworks in Miniature opens on Friday, March 9, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., with a wine and cheese celebration and the exhibition of close to 200 small and truly outstanding works of original art — created by today’s most collected painters.

Now in its 21st year, Masterworks features original paintings and sculpture by Robert Bateman, Edna Hibel, Carl Brenders, Michael Dumas, Terry Isaac, Dean Morrissey, James Christensen and more than 100 other artists. Most works are framed. Prices range from $400.  While some Masterworks will fit in the palm of one's hand, others are as large as 9" x 12." A rare few may be a bit larger. Regardless of size, all are exquisitely detailed and represent the high quality expected of the individual artists. Genres include wildlife, portraiture, still life, landscape, abstract, western and fantasy.

The artists are from all over the world. Some are miniaturists, specifically known for small originals. Many like Bateman and Christensen have carved out enviable reputations for full-sized originals — at prices that do not fit the average wallet.  “When such top artists are ‘forced’ to work small, their prices become really affordable,” said Alan Brown, gallery president. “Collectors of limited editions often find that they can collect such miniatures for less than prints by the very same artists.”

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