Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Carl Brenders delights fans at Gallery One

The incomparable Carl Brenders paid his 13th visit to Gallery One Friday & Saturday, Sept. 23 & 24. What a treat!

In his lecture he shared insights into seven of his finest works including the two giclées produced by our new Gallery Giclées process. His fans were delighted with the quality of these two pieces. Their resemblance to originals is uncanny and the expert framing by Gallery One's Certified Picture Framers set them off perfectly.

After the lecture he mingled with those in attendance and was warmed by the presence of friends and family from near and far. It's always a pleasure to host such a fine artist and offer his collectors new images for their collections. He even hinted that he may be back next year! To see snapshots of the show visit our Art Event Calendar.

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