Monday, February 1, 2010

Phuoc Arranges Transfer of Critically-Ill Kids to USA

Dr. Phuoc Le, of Boston, Massachusetts, top right, and a medevac pilot, transfer five-year-old Betina Joseph, below left, and a fourteen-month-old with pneumonia to a private jet for their evacuation to Children's Hospital in Philadelphia by the Boston-based aid group Partners in Health from Port-au-Prince, Sunday, Jan. 31, 2010. Doctors skirted a bureaucratic logjam to save the life of three critically ill child victims of Haiti's earthquake, flying them to U.S. hospitals on a private jet to avoid a military suspension of medical evacuation flights.(AP Photo/Andres)

EDITOR'S NOTE: On Sunday evening, Phuoc was seen on NBC Nightly News and many other venues. Below are links to this story. His wife, Erin Jones-Le, will have additional information about Partners in Health in Haiti when she hosts an informal informational gathering on Saturday, Feb. 6, 11-2, at Gallery One, Route 615, Mentor. Click on the links below for additional information and for a personal invitation to Saturday's event.

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