Thursday, March 5, 2009

All About Masterworks in Miniature 2009

After the Ballet by Jane Mihalik
One Lucky Guy by Alan Bean
Our famed annual Masterworks in Miniature runs March 6 - March 21. Now in its 18th big year, the international art event features original works by Robert Bateman, Alan Bean, Carl Brenders, James Christensen, Guy Coheleach, Bev Doolittle, Scott Gustafson, Edna Hibel, Terry Isaac, Dean Morrissey, Liz Lemon Swindle, Charles Wysocki and others — to name-drop a few. Most works will be priced from $350 to $5000. Appropriate custom framing is included.

An especially “out of this world” image is the work of astronaut/artist Alan Bean whose image “One Lucky Guy” was created with the use of “lunar tools” and remnants of moon dust.

Each miniature is equally special and demand dictates that prospective buyers from throughout the world submit ‘intent-to-purchase’ forms in hopes of ‘being drawn’ to buy their favorites.

All the information is on our website:

Intents can be filed by mail or over the web where the entire collection can be viewed. Of course the miniatures are all on display at Gallery One in Mentor OH.

While some Masterworks will fit in the palm of one's hand, others are as large as 9" x 12." A rare few may be a bit larger. Regardless of size, all are exquisitely detailed and represent the high quality expected of the individual artists. Genres include wildlife, portraits, still life, landscape, abstract and fantasy.

Just for are some facts about Masterworks 2009!

1. Four of the artists have not signed their images. They forgot! After Masterworks, these works will be returned to the artists for signatures. (You may be able to spot these on our website...or if you tour the exhibition in person!)
2. The average price of a Masterworks is $1700.
3. The lowest priced Masterwork is $275.
4. Sixty-two Masterworks are under $1000.
5. Ninety-two Masterworks are under $1500.
6. Brochure price is wrong on Alan Bean’s “One Lucky Guy.”
Correct price is $16925

A new feature of Masterworks is a collection of Masterworks EXTRAS....more than 100 works that can be purchased now without waiting for the drawing.

Hope you'll visit us on the web...or in person. You'll love this event...the biggest little show in the world!

That's all for now.
Norah Lynne Brown

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