Friday, February 12, 2010

News from Phuoc

Erin writes that Phuoc has been at General Hospital...working pediatrics. Today he was going to Cange, taking a mother and her premie babies to the NICU there. He had reunited them yesterday on the Comfort where one of the babies had been taken weeks ago. It is nice to have a happy story.

A couple of days ago, he lost a new mom who was not eligible for care on the Comfort. From what I can piece together, Phuoc had worked hard to get her lifesaving care...but it was refused, despite his efforts, because her health issues were not necessarily earthquake related.

Paul Farmer, PhD, MD - the noted founder of Partners in Health - lost many good friends in the earthquake. I heard the number was 50. I imagine many of them were involved in medical care.

Phuoc will be back in the states around February 20...for a two week break...then back to Haiti. We are so proud of him and his fellow PIH members. They are the best of the best!

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Norah Lynne Brown

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