Monday, August 31, 2015

Take a break! But keep your mind sharp by answering this week’s ArtSmartz questions!


Week #2: Take a break!

1.    Time out! Cleveland’s football team was a popular subject for a favorite Gallery One artist. For decades, he drew caricatures and cartoons of Cleveland’s sports legends for The Plain Dealer. What was his name?

2.    This painting style emerged in the 20th century. (You could say it took a break from reality.) In it, lines, shapes, colors and forms replaced realistic or representational images. What is the name of this style?

3.    What’s more relaxing than a ride through the country? This artist and his wife often explore the backroads on his Harley, searching for subjects. He is known for his watercolor landscapes of rural America that extend beyond their borders, and he authenticates each of his paintings with his thumb print? Do you know who he is?

4.    How do you cool off when the temperature climbs? With a swim? How about a squirt gun? This famous American watercolor artist uses a spray bottle – on her paintings! She only paints landscapes that she has seen, and millions have seen her artwork. This award-winning artist is a member of the American Watercolor Society. And if you’re a long-time reader of a certain publication, you may have had the opportunity to “Digest” her artwork. Who is she?

5.    Some people dream of how they’ll spend their retirement relaxing – travel, gardening, hobbies... But not these two; oh no. They’ve been working in the art business for more than 40 years (just ask Shayna and me). You may have heard of them. Their business was twice-named Cleveland’s BEST Art Gallery. Who are they?

6.    Sight-seeing is a great way to kick back. Sometimes it’s fun to just be a tourist in your home town. Shayna and I are proud to be part of “The Comeback City” – Cleveland, OH. And so is this award-winning photog, who has captured the city’s major landmarks in amazing limited edition prints and giclées, ornaments and wearing apparel. Who is he?

7.    This American artist, an admirer of Norman Rockwell, is well-known for his nostalgic portrayals of children. His limited edition print, Time Out, shows a little boy taking time out, cooling off with a drink from the garden hose. Who is this artist?

8.    Spend a relaxing day hiking in the woods. You’ll see birds and all sorts of animals. But you’ll need a sharp eye to spot this character who keeps watch over the woods and all of its inhabitants. The Guardian of the Woods was painted by this artist, who contends that “Believing is seeing.” Who is he?

9.    Relax with a charging rhino. Or maybe a giant gorilla. Explore Africa with this famous Canadian artist and naturalist who recounts his adventures in Safari, a fascinating book filled with his sketches, paintings and first-hand observations. Enjoy the adventure without leaving your couch. Can you name the artist/author?

10.    Fireflies wink good night at the end of a lazy summer day. Also known as lightning bugs, Native Americans have another name for them. It is also the title of this painting by artist R. Tom Gilleon, depicting a teepee encircled by fireflies. What is the name?


1.    Carl Brenders
2.    Plein air
3.    Thomas Kinkade
4.    Alan Bean
5.    Doug Bloodworth
6.    Egg tempera
7.    Certified Picture Framer
8.    Giclée (pronounced ZHEE-CLAY)
9.    James Gurney
10.    Peter Ellenshaw

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