Friday, November 23, 2012

Tis the Season

Well, it's Black Friday and everyone's out frantically trying to snatch up their favorite deals.  Things here are much less frantic but still busy as people come in with Cold Nose Warm Art entries, watch the Kinkade Highlighter do her thing with the canvases or take advantage of the 50% off sale.  The holiday season has definitely begun.

Over the last few months we've added some exciting new artists!  Why not refresh your home or work environment with the work of Doug Bloodworth's photorealistic food, Cynthia Decker's fantastic (almost surrealist) fantasies, Craig Kosak's modern wildlife or Ben Steele's blend of Pop Art, Vincent Van Gogh, Edward Hopper, Rembrandt and neon gas.  These talented artists will stretch your imagination and broaden your artistic horizons.  What a great gift!

Pecan Pie
by Doug Bloodworth
Equilibrium III
by Cynthia Decker
Leap of Faith
by Craig Kosak
Merill Inn
by Ben Steele

That's not to say, however, that all our best selling artists haven't also offered some excitement! New releases by Bateman, Brenders, Christensen, Bean, Ford, Gustafson, Kaatz, Rowenna, Kinkade and Terpning also fill our New Releases page.  Browse now for gifts or your wish list!

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