Thursday, April 26, 2012

Introducing new giclée canvases by Michael Dumas

The art of Michael Dumas is characterized by masterful drawing and an unusual sensitivity to the subtleties of light, detail, form, color and composition. His is a unique style that is instantly recognizable. 

Dumas is attracted to subjects that express the simple harmony of the everyday. His extraordinary paintings of typical sights, such as common sparrows, celebrate how exquisite the ordinary truly is. Subjects also include rural themes and people, revealing an intimate connection based on direct experience. “There is something precious and ultimately profound in the simplest act of being,” he said.

Dumas’s familiarity with the wilderness and its creatures has been reflected in his art ever since childhood, when, day after day, he would draw the chickens his aunt and uncle kept next door. Even then, he was demonstrating his intense desire to know things in a deeper sense by drawing them, aware that his drawings were a measure of how well he understood the world around him.

“There are innumerable things one can choose to paint,” said Dumas, whose preferred medium is oil. “But the underlying purpose of creating has to do with conveying something about why those objects inspire attention in the first place. The greater the connection, the more insightful the work will be, the more truth it will reveal, not just about the thing painted, but about the artist as well.”

Michael is best known to Gallery One collectors through his participation in our annual Masterworks in Miniature show where he is a four-time winner of our Master Palette Award. His originals are always much anticipated and well received as are these very affordable hand signed giclées. Read more about them by clicking their titles.

Casual Balance
Grist Mill
Silence in the Shadows


A special introductory offer will run through May 5. Buy three Dumas giclées and select a fourth giclée free.

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