Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Fever

Longer, warmer days have us all at least thinking about getting outside; whether it means yard work and gardening or hikes and bikes. Artists also find plenty of inspiration in springtime. Jim Daly, Fred Machetanz and Bonnie Marris each titled a piece, Spring Fever, with three very different images!

Bonnie Marris' Spring Fever
Jim Daly's Spring Fever
Fred Machetanz's Spring Fever

Maybe you think of floral art for spring.  In that case; Robert Sarsony, Brian Davis, Jane Jones, Robert Laessig or our own Alan Brown may appeal to you.

Garden Colors by Robert Sarsony
Trillium by Robert Laessig
Enchanting Irises by Brian Davis
Allure by Jane Jones

Butterfly and Blossom by Alan Brown
Do you know that there are 151 titles on our site with the word spring in them?  Subjects range from floral to wildlife, landscapes and even a sprinkling of abstracts!  William Phillips, who will be with us on April 14, has Accompaniment to the Symphony of Spring and Spring Fling.
Accompaniment to the Symphony of Spring
by William S. Phillips
Spring Fling by William S. Phillips

April 28 brings Felicia Zavarella back to lecture about Georges Seurat.  Seurat's pointillism, called "chromo-luminarism" dramatically influenced the course of modern art.  Many of his works have a decidedly spring time feel.

Celebrating the change of seasons with fresh art helps to revive our homes and our spirits.  These are but a tiny sampling of the beautiful images available.  Find your favorites at and enjoy a breath of fresh air with something new for your walls then join us for our April events.

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