Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GalleryGiclées™ Releases 4 Carl Brenders Giclées

The Monarch is Alive by Carl Brenders
Carl Brenders’ tribute to the majestic eagle, “The Monarch Is Alive,” was a collectors’ favorite on paper. Now, for the first time, giclées on canvas of this famous image are available through our sister company, GalleryGiclées.™ Sizes are 28” x 38” and a colossal 38” x 51.” Pre-publication prices as shown on our website are strictly limited. Expect late February shipping! 

Carl says, “The bald eagle, without any doubt one of the most beautiful birds of prey, is a favorite subject of many wildlife artists. In Europe, we have a similar species that lives on the shores of Scotland and Scandinavia, but it lacks the beautiful white head. The thrill I got in seeing a bald eagle in the wild for the first time is difficult to describe. There is no other bird that fits so well with the colors and the light of the wild landscapes in North America.”

For bird lovers and those looking for smaller images, the following giclées have also been released:

Apple Harvest; featuring a dark-eyed Junco,
Apple Harvest by Carl Brenders

Crowning Glory; featuring golden crowned kinglets and
Crowning Glory by Carl Brenders

In the Black; with his favorite – black capped chickadess.
In the Black by Carl Brenders

Purchase any of these new canvases by clicking the links or see Carl Brender's full collection at galleryone.com.  Watch for an explosion of new artists and images from GalleryGiclées™ in 2012!

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