Thursday, October 30, 2008

Whoopee! Our new website debuts!

Dear Friends:

We are so excited. This month marks the launch of the best and most comprehensive art site in the world! A real encyclopedia of today’s world of fine art priced for the contemporary art buyer. Not only is our “shopping cart” ordering system up and running....but we now have fabulous search capabilities which will make shopping for art a breeze. All this, plus an FAQ “learning center” with an easy to use glossary and great information about art and framing. There is also a system for saving your favorites and a way to register for gifts. And more.

Those of you that are used to ordering over the web will enjoy testing out our many features. If you are new to web browsing and buying, we are prepared to help you get real comfortable with our site. Just read the following hints, and if you need additional help, call me at 440.255.1200 or 800.621.1141....or email me directly. I’m

Click on

To do a quick search, use the search box in the upper right of each page. Enter the artist’s name or title that you seek - or “bear” if you’re looking for an image of a bear. Note that ALL the bears may not come up in a quick search. Only the pieces that have the characters b-e-a-r somewhere in the title, artist’s name or descriptions will show.

To see our POLAR bears, use the Subjects link in the left navigation. Start by clicking “Wildlife,” then “Bears,” then “polar bears.”

Another way to search is to click the Search button in the upper right of each page. It will take you to the Search page where you can, for example, ask to see all the Batemans in whatever price range you wish.

Now, we know there will be bugs and omissions. And we are dedicated to fixing them all. But with thousands of works of art....thousands of images...and miles of data, it will take us we ask your patience....and your assistance.

YOU ARE THE EXPERTS IN HOW OUR WEBSITE SHOULD SERVICE YOU...and you are invited to complain, critique, suggest...and compliment us.

Just email us your comments and we will enter you in a weekly drawing for gifts, discounts and gift certificates. Of course, you will always earn our warm appreciation for taking the time to assist us.

Happy searching and happy shopping!

Janice and your friends at Gallery One

P.S. Many images need to be improved. Dannette is working on those NOW. Norah Lynne is tackling and editing text. And Alan, Jen, Larry and Joanne are checking over every price....both for accuracy and for providing you with the very best prices in the industry. (You know, we will match or beat the prices of any authorized dealer!)

P.S. 2 Our website is changing...but some things will NEVER change. Our commitment to the industry’s highest standards of MINT CONDITION works of art and excellence in custom framing prices, design and conservation will always be maintained.

P.S. 3 BTW, don’t let the technology fool you. Behind each keystroke is a real person....a professional Gallery One staff member, personally dedicated to taking good care of you. Our goal is simple. It is the same goal that we had in 1974 when we began:

We want to be your favorite place to shop for art. Forever!

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