Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a Difference a Frame Makes!

From fancy gold leaf to colorful textures, frames are now available in an incredible selection. But how do you choose the right one for your picture?

The style and size of the frame should be coordinated with the artwork and any matting or other decorative elements that will be used. The goal is a balanced design that enhances and provides a good presentation for the art, without overwhelming it.

Whether seeking period authenticity or eclectic flair, or anything in between, there is a line of frame mouldings to suit every style.

Some people use narrow, contemporary frames on all of their art, while others enjoy the elegance and drama of wide, ornate mouldings, even on small artwork. The best framing for each piece of art evolves from a combination of personal preference, current fashion and cultural traditions....helped along by advice from a truly knowledgeable professional.

You might have fun visiting us and trying different mouldings on a picture you want to have framed. Notice how different mouldings affect the appearance of the art: some look important, some look formal, others playful. There are many possibilities and looking is fun!

Of course, you’ll need a FRAMING PROFESSIONAL to guide you over technical aspects that affect conservation and composition. For example: 1. On matted subjects, be certain that the width of your matting is noticeably greater than the width of the frame. This helps draw one’s eye into the center of the framed item; i.e., the artwork will show off better. 2. Liners must be properly sized to balance out the frame, again so the eye can roll easily onto the art itself. 3. There are many choices relative to the type of glass you can use...or your art may benefit from NO glass. Your framing professional can advise you. 4. Frame colors are as important as proportions and need to be carefully selected in order to show off your artwork. 5. And, of course, your professional framer should automatically provide appropriate conservation measures to protect your treasures.

Gallery One’s custom framing department is full-service....providing sleek basic metals for posters, a full-line of top quality mouldings for prints, paintings and memorabilia....and now, outstanding “top of the line” artisan frames influenced by history and designed to be tomorrow’s heirlooms. This new line of custom frames will take your breath away. These out-of-this world frames are individually crafted...and are works of art themselves, with 22k gold finishes water-gilded by hand. The corners are “finished” after they are joined — i. e., the joints can not be seen.

The impeccable craftsmanship in this collection has applications for fine art, historic portraits and original period art. And for mirrors and memorabilia as well. The collection is organized by styles: Italian, Spanish, Dutch, American and contemporary. These frames are expensive. They are fabulous. They are more than worth it. And they beautifully augment our “usual and unusual” custom mouldings.

So whether you are framing Suzy’s first report card or your family’s prized original painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, we’ve got you covered...with great design and composition and never-failing conservation materials and techniques. All at prices that are unbelievably low...way below industry standards!

(By the way, we also have a new line of well-priced great-looking ready-made frames...designed by Gallery One designers for a truly custom look at ready-made prices.)

How do we do it all...and do it well?

Our Gallery One staff has nearly 200 years experience in fine art and custom framing...and three Certified Picture Framers in supervisiory capacities. Our suppliers are tops in our industry. And our commitment to taking good care of our clients is legendary.

That's all for now.

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